July 28, 2012

Catching up on writing is a bit crazy.

When I restarted writing my blog this year, I wanted to keep up by writing every day.  The only problem has been that I can’t always get to the blog each and every day.  At times, like now, I am writing a blog entry a couple days after the day.

I suppose if I had titles to my blog entries, instead of dates, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem.  If I missed a day or two, no problem.  However, when I made the conscious decision to put a date on each entry, thus making it seem more like a diary (or journal) rather than a blog, this is the problem I faced.

It does however, force me to complete tasks.  When I look at my blog entries, and see that I haven’t written for a day or two or three, and then sitting down and actually filling in those days, gives me a sense of completion.

The only thing I have to think about is WHAT to write about.  Sometimes it comes easy, and other times, no so.  Since I am writing from a couple of days ago, quite honestly, it’s hard to remember what happened, that would be worth writing about, two days ago.

As like most Saturdays these days, the waking up schedule is the same as every other day – get up, pay a visit to Mama Nature, feed the kids, make coffee, and clean up my email and Facebook.  Suddenly, before I realize it, it’s time to head to Giraffe.

Naomi and Ethan were a little more talkative today than usual.  I’m not sure why, but when they are in this ‘private’ class together, neither of them really talk that much.  In the regular class, Naomi is rather silent, much like the other kids, and Ethan is a bit chatty.  Today though, I felt like it was more like three people getting together, rather than teacher and students.

I did correct their writing assignments, and had them enter them on their blog site.  A couple of weeks ago, in an effort to connect with them better, I suggested that they write about ANYTHING, and then place it on a blog.  I figured, since I had my laptop with me, let them type their own stories in, rather than me doing or HOPING that they would do it over the week.

Naomi and Ethan’s Blog

For anyone reading my blog, I encourage you to read their writings.  Naomi is a first year junior high student, and Ethan is in grade 5.  Show a bit of support for them, and feel free to make comments.  Perhaps if they see that my readers are reading their writings, it will encourage them more.

I wasn’t told either, that there was going to be someone coming to Giraffe today to spray insecticide around, and therefore, all practice time for the story tellers, was cancelled.  I called May to confirm that she wasn’t coming in, and since Elva hadn’t come in, I figured her parents had already been informed.

I stuck around until Christine was finished her class before leaving.  Upon leaving, I had a problem with the scooter.  It wouldn’t start.

Back in May, I had had a problem with the scooter not starting.  I found a place around me that could have a look at it.  As it turned out, according to the mechanic, the battery was no longer charging, and needed to be replaced.  Done.

When the same situation was occurring, and the fact that I was a good 20 minute scooter ride away from the mechanic who changed the battery, and that I couldn’t get it started, Christine suggested going down the street and having the mechanic near Giraffe look at it.  Within a block, the scooter suddenly was able to be started.

I drove back to Giraffe, and mentioned to Christine that I was going to go to my regular mechanic.  Although he doesn’t really understand English, he does seem to understand my body language and sound effects.  When something goes wrong with the scooter, I find it incredible that, just by my actions and sounds, he is able to figure out the problem.

He looked at the battery, saw the date, and immediately decided to look at the fuses.  There are two.  The first one was f*****.  He replaced it, and then I asked him to look at the other one.  It seemed okay.  All this, for 0nt!  No charge.  What a guy!

Although, I must admit, I have always gone to him whenever the scooter needed to be looked at.  In 10+ years, only one time, in May, was I unable to see him.  Unfortunately, there was no way I was going to walk my scooter 7km to have a battery replaced.

As soon as the fuse was replaced, the scooter worked fine.  I love this guy.  He knows his work, understands me even though neither of us speaks each other’s language, and in my opinion, very fair with pricing.  No matter what work needs to be done on the scooter, whether it be a new tire, oil changes, or just a check-up, he treats me well.

As far as any business goes, whether it be the mechanic or my favourite places to pick up dinner, when they treat me well, I will support their business.  Many times, just being nice and using what Chinese I know, and being patient with the English they know, goes a long way.  And after 10+ years in Taiwan, I have some great places that I support whole-heartedly.

I try my best, to treat others, as I want them to treat me!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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