July 29, 2012

So I decided to get working on the painting again, but what to paint?

Several years ago, I bought end tables, a coffee table, and a couple of other pieces of ‘wood’ furniture.  They are a dark brown colour, but over time, it’s become rather drab looking.  In some places, the ‘wood’ has started to peel away.  During moving, the drawers were taped shut, and now the tape has pulled off some of the ‘wood’ as well.  I have chairs that are an odd brown colour as well.

Now, I’ve decided to change the colour – black.  With the living room furnishings, since the room has been painted green, black will compliment better than brown.  Also, it makes everything look new again.

Nothing else today.  Painting.

Later, I decided to head over to Shiao Bei and get some dinner.  I don’t get a chance to head over there very often now.  Beef fried rice, and beef and Chinese greens.  Mmm.

The owners of this shop had a baby about 6 years ago.  They asked me then if I could give her an English name.  I choose, Robin, and they went with it.  I’ve never actually seen their little girl, but I always ask about her when I go there.  Then mom gave me some steamed bean sprouts and bamboo shoots – no charge.

I got a message from the landlord.  He has someone coming in tomorrow morning around 8am to fix the floor and the plumbing issue.  I’ll have to move the cats over to the other side, because the workers tend to leave the doors open, and with a couple of the cats NOT afraid of people, they will head right out the door to either the roof or downstairs.  Can’t have that.

So, not much to chat about today.  Plinky.com has an interesting question:  What is the first sentence on page 214 of your autobiography?

Autobiography?  Is my life really interesting enough to write about?  Why not?  The question is, how would I arrange the book, and what would be on page 214?

I suppose the first thing I’d have to think about, is how many pages would be in my autobiography.  If looking over my blog entries over the years, and choosing only pertinent information about my life and times, then it would be about 500 pages!  However, I think 1000 pages or more would be more appropriate.

I suppose, going from memory and stories told to me about my early years, these pages surrounding page 214 would more than likely be about pre-teen years.  So I think the first sentence might go something like, “It was the summer before Grade 3.”  In the abridged (soft-cover) version, page 214 might go something like, “Moving to Ottawa was going to be an adventure, a new beginning.”  The again, in the “Autobiography of Bill for Dummies” book, page 214 might be, “Writing blogs were a way of expressing myself, and talking about my daily life in Taiwan.”

Sundays do tend to be a day where I don’t have a lot to do.  That’s not exactly correct.  Not a lot happens on Sundays – clean up any lesson planning not completed through the week, beginning the printing for the printing of my Halloween booklet, and housework (laundry, painting, litterbox cleaning…)

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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