January 31, 2013

Numbers have always had a special fascination with me.

When I was younger, and obviously in school, I enjoyed Math.  I don’t know why.  Subjects like History and English were a mystery to me, but Math seemed to come almost naturally.  Way back when, when Canada was adopting the Metric System, our teacher at the time, kind of explained it to our class this way.

The Metric System (SI) is based on the unit of 10.  10 centimetres equalled 1 decimetre.  10 decimetres equalled 1 metre.  Then he continued to explain to us that our monetary system is also based on the unit of 10.  10 pennies equalled 1 dime.  10 dimes equalled 1 dollar.  It was like a light bulb suddenly came on in all our heads.  I’m not sure, but I’m almost certain that the average grade for Math in that class that year, went up dramatically.

In fact, on our first term exam, there were two of us who scored 100%.  Myself and my friend, Howard Wong.  During the second term, the two us continued scoring top marks.  It got to a point that our teacher thought we were cheating or copying off each other.  He separated the two of us to sit at both sides of his desk!  Once he was convinced that we indeed were just good kids in Math, he decided to do something interesting.

From the bowels of the school, he was able to dig up a couple of OLD Math textbooks.  You know – the ones that perhaps your parents or grandparents used.  No Metric in these books – everything was Imperial System.  THAT, was a challenge.

The two of us, Howard and I, had our own homework assignments, tests, and exercises to do in class.  It was like we were a separate class within the class.  However, when it came to the second term exam, we still had to write the same exam that the remainder of the class wrote!  The only thing I truly remember about this exam was that the two of us scored 110%.  How is that possible, you ask!

The main part of the exam was worth 100%.  Our teacher had also attached a separate page, for ANYONE that wanted to attempt, that was worth another 10%.  And we both passed with flying colours.

As I got older and entered high school, my Math scores did drop off somewhat.  I was ‘fortunate’ to attend four different high schools in four years.  An earlier blog entry explains this situation.  When you have no friends because of being the ‘new kid on the block’, and new teachers, and different curricula, my overall marks started to drop a bit.  However, the past is past – a LONG time ago.

My fascination for numbers and numerology never wained though.  I always found something interesting with numbers.  I even found practical uses for some of the Math that I had learned in school.

My birthday is March 13.  Translated to numbers, that 313, or 3B.  What?  Well, as I’ve demonstrated to kids, push the 1 and the 3 together in 13, and it becomes a “B” – Bill!  Hahaha.

This year being 2013, is going to be a particularly interesting year.  My birthday is going to be:  31313.  I am so looking forward to that day.  On top of that, it is on the 3rd day of the week this year – Wednesday.  Even in Chinese, they call Wednesday, “3 day” (translated).

A couple of years ago, thanks to Facebook, I came across someone who had the same birthday as me – March 13.  I was actually surprised to find someone else who did share the same birthdate.  As a kindly gesture, I wrote a quick note regarding that fact.  After the ‘friend request’ was approved, we ended up chatting for a bit on Skype.

It turns out that we have a lot more in common than just a date of birth.  First off, let me explain something – I was born in Ontario, Canada, and Stepfan-Michaels was born in England.  The hour difference is what, 8 hours?  Nonetheless, the rest is, to me, very interesting.

We were both born in 1962.  We were both born in March.  We were both born on the 13th.  He was born at 2:15 am (local time), and I was born at 2:17 am (local time).  Okay, so even though two different countries and 8 hours difference, the birth certificates are the proofs.

Since then, the two of us have set up a Facebook page and have invited people to join who share the same birthday.  About a year ago, we opened the page up to ANYONE born on the 13th of ANY month.  He is a big believer in numerology and the effects of numbers on our lives.  It’s been ever more interesting to me, to see who celebrates their birthday on the 13th of any month.  When I think about it though, of all the people born on this planet, and that there are a maximum of 31 days in a month, the chances of anyone being born on the 13th of ANY month is what – 1:31 or 12:365?

Another final thing.  I know my parents could not have planned the births of their children.  However, a couple more of my siblings also have interesting birthdays.  Scott was born on May 5 and Debby on February 12.  Last year, Debby’s birthday was 21212!  A few years earlier, Scott’s birthday was even more interesting, because it wouldn’t have mattered how you looked at the numbers.  His birthday was 050505.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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