August 9, 2012

I don’t know what’s going on again. I can’t seem to get any sleep at night. Then again, it could have something to do with the fact that, since I don’t have morning classes for the time being, I’m sleeping in later. This morning, I didn’t get up about 11am! I have rarely EVER slept in this long. In the past few months, my waking time has been about 8, maybe 9am.

It’s actually kind of nice waking up when the body wants to wake up. Like eating when your hungry. Even the cats are adjusting to this new sleeping schedule – that schedule being NO schedule.

When I do begin to move around, they all begin their stretching exercises as well. Normally, only the five younger ones sleep with me all night (Eloise, Arabela, Cornelia, Ignatius, and Qadan). I’m not exactly sure where Boo-boo (Gabriel) sleeps, but he’s always at his food dish when I make my way to their dishes.

Tonight was another mega-rehearsal time. All four of the students were in until about 10pm or so, practicing their little hearts out. Tomorrow will be the last real practice time they get, so I’ve asked that they all come ready for a dress rehearsal. Since Marcus and Nadia need to have painted faces, we’ll forego the paint, and just have them rehearse in their costumes.

Marcus’s dad, as in years past, has been quite active in Marcus’s story telling. Last year and the year before, his dad built sets that Marcus could just pull onto stage, work with, and pull it back off stage on his own. This year, because of the type of character, he will come on stage with a fruit and vegetable cart!

He brought it in tonight so we could have a look at it. It’s not completely finished. All it is at this point, is wood. But as far as appearing realistic, he got that nailed! Once it’s painted and the other elements are added (fruits, vegetables, grass, etc.), I think it will look quite realistic – and almost usable!

May’s set is all ready to go, and I painted the wastebasket. Her set will appear like a bedroom – well, a desk (vanity), stool, and wastebasket. It’s a metal can, but has some odd-coloured paint on it. Since all the other touches are pink, I decided to make the can pink as well. And pink, it will be! Today, she’s just pretending to use it, while the paint dries.

Nadia has no set as such. This may be a mark against her, but since she is painted up and has a great costume and entrance and exit off stage, this might help her with her story. Nadia has already participated in Story Telling before, so this is not new to her.

Elva’s set is pretty basic. It’s a picture of a bridge, taped to a cardboard box. I really want to vamp it up somehow, but so far, I haven’t got any solid ideas. I thought about going alongside a river, or empty field somewhere around, and picking some tall grass to add to the design. make it look more realistic. Otherwise, her story is great.

Tomorrow is dress rehearsal. Final practice time. Not that much can be changed at this point, as I’ve said before, but we’ll see what happens. Yet, the kids still do not seem nervous or anything. More excited it seems.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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