August 11, 2012

I wanted to be up around 6:30am this morning, but just couldn’t get out of bed. Ever have those morning where it seems that the alarm is just a noise and part of your dream? Then suddenly, you shake yourself awake and realize that an hour so has passed?

That was me this morning. I still have to clean the cat boxes, pack up my clothes, feed the kids, make sure I have everything I need to take with me (iPhone, laptop, etc.), have my caffeine, take a shower, and get over to the school before 10am. Oh yeah, and get an extra key cut for the apartment, as a friend is going to look after the kids for me while I’m away.

So here it is, about 8:30am. Damn. Feed the kids, clean the boxes later. Pack later. COFFEE. I need my wake-me-up juice! No time, really, to check Facebook. Go on quickly just to make sure there’s nothing urgently needing my attention – as if! Coffee ready, great! Fill the thermos, and start cleaning the cat boxes. Change the litter. Pack up my clothes. Since I’m only gone for one night, and I know what I need to wear on Sunday, no real decisions to make. That’s done. Take my shower.

Finished. Give the cats a second breakfast, make sure the dry food is filled, and the toilet seat is up and the toilet flushed. Just in case my friend can’t make it over, or I can’t get a key cut, then the cats still need fresh water. Cornelia may be the only one who will get upset. She doesn’t like dry food.

Alright… final check. All clothing is ready and packed. Shoes have been polished and packed. The phone, video camera, and laptop all packed up. The cables needed for all these electronics are also packed. Haven’t finished all my coffee, so I’ll just take the rest with me to the school. I can probably finish it up before we leave. It’s about 9:45 now, and I still have to find a place to get a key cut. This early on a Saturday morning? About the only places open at this time are 7-11s!

After passing about 12 key shops, and finding them all closed, I called Addison to let him know that I wasn’t able to get a key, but perhaps before I leave. Check back later.

Slowly the kids with their parents arrived around 10:30am. Got the practices out of the way, and finished the final looks to the set designs. I think we’re ready to head out. About 2pm, off we finally went! We have to go somewhere to pick up Simon first. He’s been at a Giraffe camp in Taiwan somewhere (on our way to Taipei), and is leaving the camp early to go to Taipei.

A while later, we pulled into a rest stop, and picked up Simon. After a bit of a break, off we went. We got to Taipei around 6pm or so. There’s a gondola that starts at the Taipei Zoo. It had been raining all day, and as there was still a bit of lightning, the decision had been made to close the gondola until the weather cleared. We waited for a bit, but it didn’t look like it was going to re-open. Off we went to check in at the hotel.

At the hotel, we were given complimentary movie theater tickets. After dropping our stuff off, we left for the theater. It’s only a couple of blocks down the street, so not far. The movie doesn’t start for an hour, so we decide to have dinner. After dinner, a movie, and back to the hotel. Hmmm… sounds oddly like a date!

Now was the chance to see what I missed on Facebook, and email. As I could have guessed. Nada! S.O.S.

Martin (Janice and Simon’s son) will share the hotel room tonight, so he’s been keeping himself occupied with the games on my iPhone 3G. Since I have the 4S (go back about a month ago or so), I let him use the 3G to take pictures of the weekend, and to play the games if he likes. There is no SIM card in this phone, so unless we’re near WiFi, it’s pretty useless as a phone.

After chatting, playing the iphone games, and watching a little T.V., I finally convinced my roomie it was time for sleep. I want to be up early, go for a walk around this part of Taipei, have breakfast, and get packed up and ready for the day.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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