August 10, 2012

Well, getting closer. Like usual, it just seems like the days are zipping by. Tomorrow we leave for Taipei. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep again last night. I’m chalking this up to my nerves are a bit frazzled.

The kids are still undeterred. Both Elva and Nadia came in tonight with face masks on. When I see kids (or anyone for that matter) wearing these masks, the first thing that crosses my mind is SICK. Sick as in, not well. No, no, NO! This can’t happen. Not the day before we leave. It seems that both of them have a little sore throat, but not that bad. They are both taking medicine for it, and moms have assured me that it is not bad.


Practice consisted of each of them telling their stories twice – once for time and once for pronunciation and movement – before changing into their outfits. Again, as I mentioned before, tonight they will not be putting on any makeup or paint – just their costumes to get the ‘feel’ for things again.

Marcus’s dad came back with the cart. My goodness – what a piece of work! When the story telling competition is complete, he could actually take this cart out on the street and sell fruits and vegetables for real if he liked! It’s probably in a lot better shape and a lot sturdier than the carts people use now!

It’s all been painted, and little touches added to it – wheel spokes, grass, little bells – all to give it an authentic look and feel to it. As well, it runs really smooth. I hope Marcus appreciates all the work and effort his dad puts into these displays and items for his story telling.

I also like the idea that, where possible, we always make sure that the Giraffe logo is prominently displayed, even in the little things. Every student must wear the Giraffe logo somewhere. It’s not necessary that it be a complete T-shirt, but as long as the Giraffe logo is visible.

Nadia, for instance, once all her makeup and paint applied and costume on, looks like a ring-tailed lemur. She wears a ‘loincloth’ of sorts that is actually a cut-up T-shirt with the Giraffe logo. The others, this year, are wearing the T-shirt. However, there have been alternatives – headbands, shorts, hats – that have been created by the other schools.

So, today’s practice was finished up around 10pm. Give the kids (and parents and teachers) a chance to get a bit of rest. We’re meeting up at the school in the morning around 10am. The kids will do another run-through or two, and make sure that their sets are exactly what they should be. Everything we may (or may not) need will be bagged and boxed, and off we go about 1pm.

Guess I should get home and get my sleep!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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