August 8, 2012

Ba-ba. Today, in Taiwan, this is Father’s Day. The word for ‘dad’ is ba, or ba-ba, and the word for the number ‘8’ is ba. Therefore, August 8, or 8/8, or in Chinese, ba-ba, is the same sound as saying dad, so today is Taiwan’s Father’s Day.

Today is also Alice’s birthday. Alice is one of the teachers I work with. So, a big happy birthday, Teacher Alice.

This afternoon at Giraffe, the daily schedule was flipped. Our evening classes were rescheduled to the afternoon, and after the classes were completed, we held a Father’s Day event. Some students were given awards for their scores in the GNEPT (Giraffe National English Proficiency Test) held a month or so ago.

Then, the students and their father’s participated in a game using stacking cups. Once the contest between child and father was complete, they had to find a word mixed up on a board. Once found, then the could receive a coffee/tea mug for their dad, and get their picture taken.

Unfortunately, a few of the students didn’t have their father at the school. Perhaps dad was working, who knows. That’s where the teachers came in handy. Even I had the chance. I became a ‘dad’ for the contest with the cups thing, and then that way the student still participated, and had their picture taken with the gift, even though their dad was not there.

And then the practicing again…

Tonight was almost midnight before we got out of there.

I sometimes wonder if the kids are getting sick and tired of telling these stories! For me, it does start to become a bit monotonous. Listening to the stories over and over and over… When it gets to this point, it begins to be pointless to try to create new actions, or have the student change something. Even pronunciation problems are hard to correct. A couple of the kids have ‘blocks’ when it comes to certain words. No matter how much we try, it’s impossible for them to change.

Besides, I think I’ve pushed them enough. Any more and I might have a mutiny on my hands!

Other than these couple of things, not a lot happened that could be considered newsworthy. A typical day in the neighbourhood.

Just a few pics of the days events.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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