August 6, 2012

Monday – again!

It really does seem that the weeks are just zipping by. I wonder how long I’d have to be off work, before it seemed that weeks or days moved slowly? Whenever I’ve taken holidays, the same feeling happens – the time zips by so fast, it seems that before you can unpack your suitcase fully, it’s time to get packed up again, to go home!

I’ve been thinking about holidays this year – where I would like to go, should I get the opportunity. I’d love to go back to Canada for a visit. Either do like last year, and land in Detroit, head up to London, spend a couple of weeks, then out to the east coast to visit Gary, and then come back. Another option is to land in Vancouver, hop on ViaRail and travel all the way across Canada to the east coast, then work my way back to Ontario, visit the family before heading back to Taiwan.

Then again, a few other options have been opened lately. I could finally travel to another country in Asia. I’ve been to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Thailand. Maybe a long weekend trip is in order for Australia, Japan, South Korea or venture to France or England.

We had a family from Paris have their children learning English this past year. It would be fun to go to Paris for a few days, not to stay with them, but to visit them. I’ve always wanted to visit France, and with the contest for English Blogger with Sebastian Murat went a bit crazy, it still hasn’t deterred my want and desire to visit France sometime.

Another option, once the Olympics are over, would be to visit another former student of mine, who is now attending school in England. Again, not to stay, but to visit.

Until I have enough money tucked away, a vacation is still a bit far off for now. There are a few more important things to keep myself busy and occupied. Classes still must go on, printing still has to be done, and I still have an apartment in dire need of completion. Once the story telling competition is finished next weekend, then that will free up some time for me.

I still have about 25% of the painting needed to be done. I’ve got all the paint, tape, rollers and brushes that I’ll need. Now, I just have to get cracking and get it done. After, there are a couple of building projects that I have on the go, and get them done. I’m hoping, considering that I’m doing all this myself, that my [now] amended date of completion is tentatively to have it all done by the end of the year.

I also decided today, that I really needed a new printer. It seems that electronics don’t last very long. I’ve taken my present printers in to be repaired twice, and an alteration done. The thing is, they both really need servicing again, and for the cost involved, and not having access to the printers for a couple of days, it’s not really worth getting them fixed again. But I am going to get one of them fixed, and donate it to Giraffe. It’s either that, or toss it in the trash where so many have ended up in the past.

As long as it doesn’t cost too much to repair!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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