August 3, 2012

Well, again, Typhoon Day, in my opinion, was a let down.  There have been regular rainy days where the rain is heavier.  Perhaps it’s just the area I live, or maybe because I was preoccupied with the work around the apartment, or then again, I just didn’t go out all day.  It just didn’t seem like the type of day to call off everything.

In some areas of Taiwan though, they did get hit rather hard.  I found a few pictures over the Internet.  Here they are:










I guess I should count myself (and Tainan) lucky that we didn’t have to contend with all of this!

Everything back to normal around here though.  I asked a couple of my fellow teachers how they spent yesterday, and the consensus was unanimous – bored!  Haha.

I’ve also given in regarding my printers.  I have two printers.  The same models.  One printer has been on the fritz for a couple of months.  The other is not printing properly.  I’ve taken the printers in to be repaired a couple of times now, and like any electronic devices in Taiwan, since they are just over a year old, they are a) outdated, and b) not worth repairing.

Around this time of year, every year, I have to purchase new printers.  Thank goodness they aren’t expensive.  As well, since I have a lot of Halloween and Christmas booklets to be printed in the near future, I may as well break down and get new, faster printers.

May, Nadia, and Elva all did their practices tonight.  I was sort of anticipating that Marcus would be there as well, but he wasn’t.  There’s only a week to go, and I’m truly a bit concerned.  Since this is just something I always go through, I’m not surprised.  The one thing that Marcus seems to have an abundance of, is stage presence.  I know he will pull through, and is definitely not nervous or afraid of being in front of people.

The other three are, in my opinion, very good.  It’s getting to the point where I’m becoming even more picky with pronunciation and actions.  I feel that I should suggest something to them each time they practice, but quite honestly, they are doing very well.

Next Saturday, we’re off to Taipei.  I don’t know how many of us there will be, but definitely, there should be about 20 of us from Giraffe Nanmen on Sunday.  The remainder of this week will be more practice, set touch-ups, and a dress rehearsal or two.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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