July 30, 2012

I sort of forced myself to get to bed early last night.  The workers will be coming in today to start working on the kitchen floor.

Over the past couple of months, every time I want to clean the floor in the kitchen (aka cat room), the neighbours downstairs complain that water is dripping into their apartment.  During the washing of the floor, I also end up cleaning out the cat boxes and then washing them in the shower.  This cat room has two drains, and the bathroom as well, has two drains.

The final straw was about a week ago or so.  The woman from downstairs came up and was banging and banging on the door.  It took some time to get her to move her ass into the apartment so she could see that I was washing the floor on my hands and knees, and the drains were blocked, so no water could go down the drain.

Now that leaves me with another thought – perhaps it’s not the drain in the kitchen.  This means it could be the drains in the bathroom, or alternately, the water supply.  Anyway, I went down to her apartment, and knocked for about 10 minutes.  I knew she was there, but she was refusing to answer the door.  Her husband finally came home, and I explained (or rather demonstrated) that I wanted to take a couple of pictures to show the landlord.

Fair enough, there was water dripping down into their kitchen.  However, the water was clean.  Hmmm.

So, about 8am the workers arrived.  I quickly collected the cats and put them in the other place.  The workers have a tendency to leave the door open, thus allowing the cats to wander the stairwell.

I took pictures along the way:

The work was finished up on Tuesday morning.  The workers had arrived on time, but I wasn’t awake.  I was actually woken up when I heard them moving around the tiles.  Even the cats weren’t awake!  They were all lying around me – except for Gabriel.

I got up, dressed, and started getting the cats into the other place.  Gabriel meanwhile, had decided to take a trip downstairs into the basement of the building.  Good thing the front door wasn’t open, or god only knows where he would have run off to.

It took them about 3 hours to finish the work, and then explained that for the next three days, not to walk on the floor.  So, the room is blocked off, and hopefully, cats won’t find a way in.  Then again, I’m sure that they aren’t heavy enough to do any damage to the floor.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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