August 2, 2012

Today is [another] Typhoon Day.

The one good thing about a Typhoon Day occurring during the ‘summer’ months, is that classes do not have to be made up on Saturdays.  If this was the regular school season, then the days would have to be made up on a Saturday.

So what to do today?

I figured today would be a great day to get some more painting done.  Even though it’s humid, having the air conditioner running, sucks the water out of the air, but does make the room a little cool.  Rather be cool and dry, than warm and wet, right?

Did four loads of laundry, finished painting the living room ‘wood’ furnishings black, started on a couple of chairs, and then continued with the bedroom.  The walls that need yellow are still needing to be finished, and the ceiling still needs to be painted white.

I didn’t get around to the ceiling, and the walls are now about 75% finished with the yellow.  They need trimming, but it does take a while to do painting.  I also discovered that the new rollers I bought, even though I was told they were the same size as the ones I had previously purchased, don’t fit in the trays properly.  The rollers are just slightly larger than the width of the tray itself.

Even though I’ve had some ‘comments’ about my choice of forest green and basic yellow for the walls, I still think the two colours compliment each other quite well.  Besides, once the walls are finished, there are large watercolour prints that will be applied to the walls.  Therefore, the yellow won’t be quite as heavy looking as it is now.

I still have the headboard that I’m making, but that will be a while in the making as well.  I’m still working on the final design details.  I want it to be an incredible headboard.  The main design is complete, and until the detailing is complete, and the painting of it finished, I won’t be satisfied.

I figure once the national storytelling competition is over, then I’ll have more free time to work on the decorating and renovating again.  I also still need to straighten out the storage rooms, and try to combine them into one room.  It will take a little while to get done, because the main renovating needs to be complete first.  But I’m getting there.

I had a craving for chicken today, so decided to go over to KFC.  I haven’t gotten any response from KFC yet to my letter, so I decided this would be a test to see if anything has changed.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but NOTHING has changed.  They have two specials on right now – one with a sweet and sour type of chicken, and yet, there was none available.  Then they also have the half barbeque chicken special, and of course, none available.  As well, the person serving me didn’t speak English, and when I asked if there was anyone there who spoke English, I was told, “No.”

I just pointed to a picture.  Then he pointed to two different types of chicken – regular and crispy.  I indicated I wanted regular.  When I got home, perhaps 10 minutes later, the chicken was dry and actually, quite gross.  When will I learn??

KFC in Taiwan does not cater to foreigners.  Simple.  I’ve tried the crispy chicken before, but the pieces are about half the size of the regular chicken.  For some reason, Taiwan people, at least in Tainan, don’t seem to like the regular recipe.  Therefore, KFC just doesn’t prepare enough of it, and when it does, the chicken ends up sitting in their ‘heater’ for a while.  If I want ‘freshly cooked’ regular chicken, I’m always told it will be over an hour!  Disgraceful.

A couple more weeks, then I’ll have time to sit down and write a follow-up letter to KFC.  I think it is disgusting and rude that they haven’t responded to me.  What’s even more annoying, is that KFC Corporate hasn’t responded.

One more letter, and this will be the final straw.  I wanted to give them another chance, but since nothing seems to have changed, then the letter I did receive back in June from Ricky Wong, the Chief Executive Office of Jardine Fast Food Restaurants (Taiwan) Ltd., has proved that nothing has been done.  I guess one person’s voice is not enough.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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