July 26, 2012

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I’ve probably covered this topic before, but if not, here goes.

I guess it would be easier to start with what I like about myself.  I’d have to say my legs.  They may not be Olympian quality, but I think they’re pretty decent.  When I was in high school, one year there was a school-wide contest for running.  Every day we would record our kilometers we had run, and report it.  All the results were tabulated and a winner was announced.

During that year, I was attending Sir Adam Beck Secondary School.  On either Saturday or Sunday during the contest period, I would start from our home, and jog to Ballymote.  For those unsure or unfamiliar, head north out of London, Ontario along Highbury Avenue.  Once outside London city limits, the first village you will arrive at is Ballymote.  I would jog out there, touch the sign, and jog home.

When I was home in 2010, I asked my brother to drive out to Ballymote.  I wanted to see if my name was still etched in the signpost.  As I kind of figured, the signposts have been replaced – probably due to someone smashing into them over the years.  Seriously.  What are the chances that wooden posts would be the same posts as 30-some years ago?

Nonetheless, it did bring back those old memories and a continued appreciation of my legs.  Over the years, the amount of cycling, roller blading, scootering, walking, stair climbing, etc., has helped to keep them in better shape than the rest of the ole bod.

The other thing I like are my ears.  Yes, my ears.  I may not have the best hearing, but the outside is kind of unique.  My ears come to a point.  Not a point like an elf, but where most people’s ears are rounded on top, mine come have a point.

When I started to watch Star Trek, that was when I noticed that Mr. Spock’s ears were also at a point.  Vulcans, apparently, have pointed ears.  His were a little more pointed than mine, but I felt a bit of ‘kinship’ toward him.  I never checked to see if my blood was green though, since I already knew it was red!

So back to the original question:  What would I change?

Over the years, I suppose I’m no different than anyone else, in that what I’d like to change, has changed.  However, there are two things that have always been thorns in my side.  My hearing, and my tummy!

It doesn’t matter how much exercise or gym classes I’ve done, my tummy still will not become a washboard.  Many years ago, I gave up trying.  What guy wouldn’t like to have a washboard stomach?  As this is the first thing everyone looks at to judge whether you are ‘fat’ or not, I do try to keep my tummy tucked.

Now that I’ve completed the first quarter of my anticipated and wanted lifespan, I just have to accept that I will never have a washboard.  Besides, it might be great to have a washboard, but the time and effort needed to keep it up, would be more than I have time to keep up.

Another thing that I can’t change, but wish I could, is my hearing.  At last testing, I had 60% hearing in one ear, and 40% in the other.  Not sure which is which, but since I tend to favour my right ear when on the phone, or listening to something, I would have to say the 60% is in my right ear.

The summer before I started grade 3, I was in hospital.  From what my memory can recall, I used to get terrible earaches.  I do remember a few times, it was so bad that it did make me cry.  Okay, so I was just a child, but the fact that the pain was just too much at times.  Then it was told to me that my Eustachian tube (the tube that connects your ear to your throat, was blocked.

The operation I went through, was to open this tube.  The implant looked like a salmon bone with a wire attached to it, was inserted into the Eustachian tube, allowing the opening to heal open.  Then, these implants were to have fallen out on their own once the healing was complete.

However, only one did fall out on its own.  The other had to be forced out by the doctor.  All this ‘work’ on my ears, has had irreparable side effects.  Apparently my eardrums, in both ears, were slightly damaged, and have scarring.  The scarring has had the effect of not allowing the eardrums to vibrate normally, thus reducing my hearing.

When I think about it though, I think I’m pretty decent.  I have a good outlook on life, I enjoy my work, I keep busy with my job and home life, I have a couple of very good close friends, I have good co-workers, am a good friend and person all round…  I would like to believe that people see me for who I am, and not what I look like.

I have also learned that over the years – not to judge the cover, but rather the contents.

So, would I really, honestly want to change anything about myself?  Nah.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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