July 20, 2012

I mentioned yesterday about obtaining some ‘apple mangoes’.

Today, as a small gesture, and since I have way too many to eat, I took a couple of these mangoes to a teacher at my other bushiban.  Alice, a few weeks ago, gave me a ‘package’ of coffee related items.  There was a bag of coffee beans, grown in Taiwan, a bottle of coffee flavoured sour plums, and some coffee cookies of sort.  She knows I am a coffee hound, and since she doesn’t like coffee, gave them to me.  Why would she do this you ask?  Her brother gave them to her, after a visit to a coffee growing area in Taiwan.  I guess he doesn’t know his sister as well as he may think.

By Taiwan standards, these ‘apple mangoes’ are expensive.  I suppose, but when I can get 6 (and in this instance, 8) mangoes for a mere 300nt, to me, that is not expensive.  For my North American friends, 300nt is about $10 Canadian (or American) dollars.  So, each mango is about $1.25 Canadian.  If your wondering, go to your fave supermarket, and see if you can buy a mango for that!

I was also told that, because the various teachers ordered mangoes, for every two ‘orders’, we actually received a free order.  That meant that we got more than we thought, for a better price.  Hey, who doesn’t like a deal! Thus, I got an extra two mangoes.  Still, more than I expected.


After having eaten one, given away two, I get into Giraffe tonight, and May’s mother comes in with a bag for Christine and myself.  Lo and beheld, what to my wondering eyes should be seen, but FIVE MORE MANGOES!

I tried to give away a couple because I figured I wouldn’t be able to finish them all!  Now, I have two more than I originally brought home, the night before!  Okay.

My question is this…  If I were to slice the mangoes up, or cube them up, can they be frozen?  When strawberry season was in full swing, I clean the berries, take off the green, place them upside down on a tray, and freeze the whole batch.  Then, once frozen, I can place them into bags and put them back in the freezer.  Later, after strawberry season has passed, I can take out a bag of these delicious little pieces of heaven, thaw them out and put then ice cream, or add a little whipped cream, and eat fresh strawberries year round.  Can mangoes, once prepared properly, be frozen in the same method?

I think on Sunday, I’ll do a test.  I’ll take one of the mangoes, since I have so many, and do an experiment.  I’ll prepare it, freeze it, place it in a baggie, and in a couple of days, try it and see if it still tastes as fresh as if it was freshly prepared.  I can’t see why not.  If strawberries can be frozen and thawed out, then there’s no reason mango can’t be done as well.  It’ll be so cool, if in a few months, when all the exotic fruit seasons are finished, to be able to take a bag of each of these fruits, put them into a bowl, add a bit of whipped cream, and voila – summer all over!

I’ll let you know.

I’ve now got my Halloween booklet all prepared, and saved to file.  Besides all the other materials I need to print for my classes, this will have to be printed soon.  I’ve decided to increase this year’s Halloween booklet to five pages folded into a booklet.  I’ve always kept the Halloween booklet at four pages, so as to only whet the appetite for the Christmas booklet.  This year, I was able to find a few more good word puzzles, so the decision to go with five sheets of paper seemed appropriate.  Besides, the Christmas booklet is already at seven pages.  If I do find a couple more fun puzzles, I may have to increase this years booklet to eight pages.

I’ve always just stapled the booklets together with my normal desk stapler. However, with the increasing size, I many have to borrow Giraffe’s extended stapler.  This allows me to staple the pages on the fold, thus making it easier to open for the kids.  Using a regular desk stapler, doesn’t reach to the fold, and thus, the staple is placed on the outside of the booklet.  Not professional, but then again, I’m not a professional bookmaker!

Typical Friday, so not much else.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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  1. joyce oconnell

    Yes they can be frozen. I buy mixed fruit, you can make smoothies with it, and mangoes are part of it. Let it up on the net.

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