July 16, 2012

Well, I did try my experiment with the bug zapper.  Now, whether it be mind over matter, or just sheer exhaustion, I did have a very good nights sleep last night.

I read about that somewhere before.  A change in the layout of your room, use of a light (i.e. nightlight) or other such device, or even whether you keep a fan running, can adversely affect your sleeping.  Perhaps, but since fans have a consistent hum, that almost becomes ‘white noise’ after a while, I figured wouldn’t affect anything.  Being in Taiwan, and quite frankly, needing an air conditioner else I wake up in a lake of sweat in the morning, have usually had no affect.  The only other thing was different, was the bug zapper.

To prove or disprove this assumption, it would seem prudent to leave the zapper on again, and see what my sleep is like.  However, tonight is not the night.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Since I did have ‘sweet dreams’ with the light off, tonight it will remain off as well.  I need my wits about me tomorrow.

I’m a bit, well, nervous about the meeting at the prosecutor’s office at the courthouse tomorrow.  My lawyer has reassured me that it is a normal procedure, and nothing to be concerned about.  All I need is my passport and the letter from the courthouse.  But, anyone who knows me, knows that won’t cut it.  I have gathered together all my files pertaining the case, got everything in order, reviewed it all, and made sure that I am prepared for any contingency, no matter how small.

After chatting with Gary, I’ve also gotten together the clothes to be worn tomorrow.  I know, sounds crazy.  As the saying, “… the clothes make the man…”  Gary suggested a tie and jacket, but I think that might be just a little too much.  As this is not an official hearing, it is only a preliminary meeting, I don’t think I need to be ‘… dressed to the nines…’  A decent shirt (not T-shirt), dress pants, shoes (not sandals or runners)… I think that should be fine.

Now… as long as I get a good nights sleep, have my coffee in the morning, off to a practice/meeting at Giraffe, then the afternoon at the court.  Just a typical day in paradise!

Other than that, there’s nothing else on my mind today.  Even my classes went off without a hitch.  A little rushed at my other school, but nothing I haven’t dealt with before.  We go through these times about 12 times a year – literally!  Summer break and Chinese New Year break are the worst times, but like I said, nothing I haven’t dealt with before.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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