July 15, 2012

I think I may slowly be losing my mind!

I’ve heard it been said that if you can ask the question, then you’re actually not.  So maybe I’m just getting older.  Now there’s a reality check.

I wanted to shut off the bug zapper last night to see if my night’s sleep would be better, and what do you know, I forgot!  I took the computer with me to bed, chatted with a couple of friends on Skype, and began watching justin.tv.  The next thing I knew, it was this morning!  Not only was the bug zapper still on, but the light in the bedroom was on, and the cats were all sleeping around me.  Apparently, well lit rooms and television programs don’t keep them from falling asleep!

In my next life, should there be one, I want to be a cat!

Cats, apparently and under observation over so many years, sleep about 18 hours a day.  The other 6 hours is spent playing, eating, fighting, and pooping!  What a life.  If these cats don’t know it by now, which I’m sure they do, they have a great life.  No responsibilities.  No bills to pay.  No classes to teach.  No stress.  Downfalls – no travel, no life partner, no sex.  Give a little, get a lot.

Anyhow, I was up rather early though, but felt rested, which is a bit different.  Usually, when I get up, I still feel tired.  Almost as if, should I lay back down, I would fall asleep again.  This time, I felt like I had slept.

Since it was only 5:30am, I decided to get some more printing done.  With the new classes, there is a lot of material needing to be printed and distributed to the students.  Also, it had started to rain.  I was supposed to go for breakfast with a former student and teacher of mine, but I decided to cancel.

I spend way too much time in class preparation.  As I’ve mentioned before, I decided when I came to Taiwan, that teaching was paramount.  My personal life, which I figured, would suffer, but I want to put my ‘all’ into my teaching.  If that means that I have to spend the day preparing for my classes, then so be it.  Once all the materials are printed and ready, then I have time for my personal life.

Giving up this day of fun to make sure all my materials are ready for my classes, will free up next Sunday.  SO, next Sunday is already planned.  It’s actually a good thing that I decided to get all my pedagogical materials prepared, because it took almost 14 hours to complete.

Now, at least I won’t have major printing to do, until I’m ready to print off the Halloween and Christmas booklets!

I know, the topics are erratic today, but what the hey!

Every year, since 2005, I have created a Christmas booklet.  In 2006, I started a Halloween booklet.

Each of these booklets have colouring pages, and various puzzles for my students to complete.  The booklet is completely in English – no Chinese.  No instructions, no letters… just English.

Word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes…  all the fun stuff that also reinforce words and phrases for the season.  Usually I find a story to include.  For the Christmas booklet, I have always used the standard Christmas poem, “The Night Before Christmas”, as well as another story about the Christmas season.  In class, the students read one or both of these before doing all the puzzles.  With the Halloween booklet, I find a Halloween story.

As well, on both booklets, I change the front cover picture each to reflect the season.  On the back cover, I try to find a picture from Canada, also reflecting the season.

In the beginning, the very first Christmas booklet was  a mere four pieces of paper, printed, and folded into a booklet.  For 2011, it had grown to seven folded pages.  Each year, it gets larger.  For Halloween, the pages have stayed about the same – four pages.

This year though, both booklets will be increased by one page.  The more searching I do on the Internet for games, puzzles, and colouring pages, the more there is available.

Over the years, the students have enjoyed completing the booklets.  At Giraffe, once the students complete as many pages as they are able to complete, they can show the front counter, and receive a candy for each page completed.

I’ve enjoyed creating these booklets for the students.  It’s like my gift to each and every one of them, although I am unable to celebrate the seasons the way I would in Canada.

Let’s see… Halloween, five pages, 250 copies… Christmas, eight pages, 300 copies…  I think I better get started on my printing!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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