July 14, 2012

Gotta love Saturdays.

Daily schedule – get up, feed kids, make coffee, go to Giraffe.  Unfortunately, my students didn’t show up.  I was not sure whether the move to Thursday morning was for today’s cancelled class, or a make-up class.  Nonetheless, hung around for about 45 minutes, and then called the story telling students and cancelled their practice sessions.  Then, went home.  May as well get some work done at home.

Got about three hours of printing completed, then went over and fed the cats.  Laid down on the bed, and the next thing I knew, it was 11:30pm!  All I really wanted to do was take a short nap, and ended up sleeping the night away.

It’s kind of strange having these extended naps.  You see, most people in Taiwan (especially kids and those in government offices and banks), once lunch is finished, lay down for about an hour or so. I’m familiar with the word ‘siesta’, and thought that it was just a Mexican tradition – have a nap for a couple of hours during the hottest part of the day.  Guess it extends to other equatorial countries as well.

Nonetheless, I rarely take these after lunch naps.  In 10 years, maybe a half dozen times I’ve taken a nap.  I always find though, that when I get up, I’m more tired than when I laid down!  It seems to take about 15-20 minutes before my head is clear enough.

Lately though, I haven’t been getting good nights’ sleep.  I always prided myself on being an early riser.  Ever since I was younger, delivering the morning newspaper, I’ve actually enjoyed getting up before the sunrise.  That usually meant though, that bedtime was around 11pm or midnight at the latest.  However, every once in a while, I like staying up later.

Of course, that means waking up later.  Now that my schedule has no morning classes, there’s no need to get up early, so I don’t.  Later getting up, means staying up longer.  The next thing I know, it’s getting to 3am or 4am before I finally fall asleep.  I think I’m now in sync with Ontario time again as far as sleeping and waking times!

Just kidding.

Actually, I’m going to try an experiment tonight.  In my room, I have a bug zapper.  That way, during the night, should there be mosquitoes floating around, they get zapped.  The only problem is, the light emitting from the zapper is very bright.  This may be one of my problems with trying to fall asleep.  It may also be the reason the cats still like to play into the wee hours, especially Qadan.

There is another issue going on – the lawsuit.  This Tuesday, is the first meeting.  It was supposed to have taken place in June, but because of a ‘typhoon day’, the meeting was rescheduled.  I’ve been a bit concerned about this, and this may also be another reason for restless nights.  Since I can’t just ‘switch off’ this meeting, then the light is the first variable to getting my sleeping pattern back on track.

My lawyer has reassured me that this is nothing to get concerned about, but I still have some trepidations.  It is closing in on a year since all this was initiated by me, but I can’t help but feeling a bit of concern and worry about the proceedings.

Then of course, there are two other valid reasons.  One being, new classes and students and preparations for same.  The other being, the anticipation of the story telling competition.

Well, let’s see how the bug zapper being turned off helps.  In order to prove or disprove a theory, one must eliminate one variable at a time.  And this is the easiest variable to change.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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  1. joyce oconnell

    I practiced napping from age 42-52, on the advice of my Dr. It really works. If it doesn’t work for you it is ’cause you slept too long. A nap should only be for 1/2 hour, after that get up, you will be like new again.

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