July 11, 2012

July 11 – 7/11!

I got a notice on Facebook, forwarded from a friend, about 7/11 having some kind of offer today.  Figures that I only see the message later in day, before a long evening.  Whatever the offer, I won’t be able to take advantage of whatever they are offering.

Well, as it turned out, 7/11 was offering a cappuccino slushy for 1/2 price, because it 7/11’s birthday.  I suppose if I liked cappuccino anything, slushies, or even was a regular patron of 7/11, I might have wanted to get one.  Alas, I am neither of these things.

A friend posted a link and thought it rather amusing.  Since, as I indicated, I’m not a fan of slushies, I did not see the humour.  He seemed a bit disappointed, but after my explanation, seemed to understand.  Have a look at this link.  Do you find the humour?  Maybe because I don’t buy these slushies from 7/11, I don’t see or understand the humour.  Oh well.

I have a question.  Is it possible for a guy-guy, girl-girl, guy-girl, to have a friendship that others will not take as, well, anything other than ‘friendship’?  I have many guys and girls who are friends, and when I say friends, I mean “FRIENDS”, whom others think of as something other than ‘friends’.

I have several good friends in Taiwan.  The females I have a good friendship with, people think we are more than just friends!  The males that I have a good friendship with, people think we are more than just friends.  Can’t a person just have a friendship with others of or opposite their sex without others thinking differently?

Once one reaches a certain age, and it does matter what that age is, people think that if you are ‘friends’ with a person of the opposite sex, you are boyfriend/girlfriend, destined for marriage.  If you are ‘friends’ with a person of the same sex, then you are gay, and once again, destined for ‘partnership’.  Why do I not think that way??

Whether two people of same sex or opposite sex are friends, I, personally, think nothing different than just friends.  Unless I’m told otherwise, by reliable source, then the friendship is exactly that… friendship.

Why  can’t two guys or two girls or a guy-girl be friends?  When we are children, we have friends of both sexes.  When we get older, as in pre-teens, then same sex friends are just friends.  Why is it, when we are post-teenager or adults, same sex ‘friends’ become thought of by others as ‘partners’??  Or, opposite sex friends become potential husbands/wives?

Are we, as human beings, so narrow-minded?

Yes, I am in my (ahem) years!  Just because I have good friends, and in some cases, newer friends of both sexes, I get categorized into two different categories.  Either I am gay, because I have male friends I have known for a long time, or marriage material because I have good female friends.

Not everyone on this planet must have a partner (gay or straight).  Some of us, and I’m sure you are able to find someone in your own family, who is single.  They have accepted and been comfortable with the knowledge, realization, or just plain decision, of wanting to be single.  There is nothing wrong with that!  Just because a person, man or woman, wants to be single, automatically means they are gay!

Some people choose a life of solitude.  Being able to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, and have no one to be upset or angry or judging, other than yourself, is a choice!  Yes, I have had partners over the years of my short life.  However, personally, I find that being a single person is more satisfying.  Think about it…

When you go on vacation somewhere, you can decide what you want to do.  No decisions or compromises… just your choice of what you want to do, or how you spend your days.  When you have to work late, no one is at home bitching or complaining about the fact that you spend too much time away from the ‘family’.

Granted, there are some times when it would be nice to have someone to share moments with.  When you go on vacation, it would be really nice to have someone you trust, taking your pictures standing beside a landmark, and know that that person will not run away with your camera.  Going to a movie or show or some other event, is more fun with a partner (male or female) than by yourself.  Someone you can share the event with.  Coming home at night, after a long and perhaps extended workday, would be pleasurable to share with someone, rather than your cats!

I’ve weighed the pros and cons of choosing a life of solitude.  Although I have no one to share my dreams, aspirations, gripes, or other thoughts with, I enjoy the opportunity to do what I want, when I want, with whom I choose!

I am comfortable with who I am, personally, and if others want to make a judgement as to my sexual orientation or status in life, that is their opinion.  I strive to keep my personal life and my business life separated.  I don’t get concerned or upset about what others may think.  Their opinions are exactly that – their decisions/opinions.

There have been, both guys and girls, men and women, over my lifetime, that I have wanted to share a life with.  I decided long ago, that any decision I made, would make others judge me.  However, I am comfortably with who I am, that I know, my friends and classmates and fellow workers will know me, for who I am.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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One response to “July 11, 2012

  1. joyce oconnell

    I fulling agree with you on all accounts. I don’t want to be tied to one person. Yes there are times when it would be nice, but………

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