July 10, 2012

Statistics are interesting.

Unless you have a huge sampling of gathered data, the statistics may not be totally accurate.  Then again, it is near impossible to gather every single bit of data available – depending on what information you are trying to compile stats about.

For instance… in a school, statistics may be gathered about how well the students have performed on tests.  Well, when you know exactly how many students, it’s easy to figure out the stats.  In an office, they may compile stats on numbers of phone calls in a year or month.  The office is not worried about other offices, and the school is not worried about other schools.

However, when the statistical information entails a larger population, then of course, the information is not going to be accurate.  There will always be a degree (positive or negative) of statistical accuracy.

WordPress.com (from what I can see) started in February of this year, providing information about where around the world, people are looking at our blogs.  When I first began my blog a couple of years ago, the only information I was able to get was the number of views on my site.  Now I can see from what countries.

Also, it’s been interesting to see the TOTAL number of views to my blog.  Now, my blog is not the most read blog on the planet.  I have to assume, with a population of over 6,000,000,000 people, and computers being available around the world, and everyone from kids to grandparents, businesses, news services, etc., etc., maintain blog sites, there are a lot of blogs out there!

Just looking at WordPress.com’s home page, there are over 400,000 bloggers, having provided over 1.2Million entries.  That’s a lot, and yet still very far off from the population.  There are also other blog sites that hosts bloggers.  Knowing that I’m not unique and definitely not the most read blog, for my purposes, the information available helps with my blogging.

Today I noticed that my total views since my blog began in February 2010, is nearing 10,000 views!  To me, that is a significant number.  Granted, there are others who probably receive 10,000 views a day!  I’ve also noticed that when I blog regularly, which is at times, a bit difficult, I receive about 80-100 views per day.

I suppose that should tell me to continue blogging.  Someone or MANY someones out there, do enjoy reading my blog.  Perhaps it gives them the impetus continue writing their blogs.  Maybe others just happen across my blog while searching for something.  Others may enjoy my personality in my writings.  Whatever the reason, for a small time blogger such as myself, I enjoy seeing the numbers going up.

I figure at the rate my numbers are rising, within the next day or two, I should see 10,000 views!  Something to look forward to.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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