July 8, 2012


I was starting to write about milestones yesterday.  No, not the signs you see along the highways and byways of our nations.  Rather, those points in one’s life, where we can say, I done it, it’s time to move on.

I read something interesting that someone else had posted on Facebook.  It was referring to this year, 2012.  I suppose if someone had no time on their hands, they could find interesting little tidbits about anything.  Fortunately for me, there are hundreds and thousands of people out there, spending hundreds upon thousands of hours on the Internet, searching for these little tidbits.  All I have to do, is look at the posting, and decide if I find it interesting or not.  This one, I did.

Someone had figured out that, this year, 2012, is the 2013th year of the new calendar.  Okay, that makes sense.  Since we are only in the 2000’s, we refer to this as the 21st century.  So to refer to the year 2012 as the 2013th year, that I can concur with.

They also stated that there are three months this year, with a Friday the 13th!  Well, this Friday upcoming, is one such Friday.  Personally, I’ve never had a problem with Friday the 13th, as for some odd reason, it’s always been good to me.  Nothing earth-shattering or cosmic has ever happened to me on a Friday the 13th, but on the grand scheme o f things, they’ve always been good days.

Anyone who knows me, knows my birthday is March 13.  Big deal, right?  Well, March is the 3rd month of the year.  3-13.  If you look at the letter ‘B’ carefully, you can actually see the number ’13’ makes up the letter ‘B’.  Again, big deal.  Well, to me it is.

My Chinese name is three characters, as are every Chinese person’s name.  Although I’m not a naturally-born Chinese person, and the name was given to me, I’ve accepted it.  I haven’t changed, although I’ve been pondering the idea of changing one of the characters, just a little.

As it stands now, my first and second Chinese characters are composed of 13 strokes each.  The last character, is only 9 strokes.  It’s been suggested that, if I want, because of this ‘obsession’, change it to 13 strokes, however, the name would indicate a female name.  Do I care?  Not really.  When you get down to the brass tacks of the matter, how many people have names that are considered ‘female’ or ‘male’ gendered, and yet they are the opposite?  Or better yet, how many people have names that are ‘non-gendered’ names?  And considering that my Chinese name is not my legal name for ANY purpose at all, what difference would it make if it is considered ‘male’ or ‘female’, except to those who still view names or occupations or anyone as a gender, rather than a person.

Okay, so I’m getting a bit existential here.

The whole of reason behind this, is to get a Chinese name that is three characters, 13 strokes – 3-13.  My birthday is 3-13.  My password, to get into my laptop, honestly, by coincidence and not intentional, is 13 digits in length, and contains three uppercase characters.  I swear, I did not plan that out!

This year is the 2013th year, and it has been probably one of the best years I can remember.  Now knowing that there are three months with a Friday the 13th, just makes things seem to click.  Numbers and math can be used to explain many things.  Shall I continue with other observations?

In my family, the oldest boy (me) and the youngest girl (Robin) are 13 years apart in age.

I now have three classes of 13 students each.

I figured out the other day, that since working at my kindergarten, the kindergarten has had a turnover of 13 teachers, from the time I began until now.

Due to situations, sort of beyond my control, I have three separate accounts at three different banks in Tainan.  In the third account that was set up for my direct deposit, and as I don’t work at that school any longer, however, the account is still active, the last balance statement I have from that account shows my balance as 1313nt!  Honest to God, I’m not joking.

Between my two schools, I deal with 13 teachers and administrators.  Sure, there are other teachers, but I don’t teach their classes.

For a period of time, before Simba passed away a couple of years ago, I had three male cats, and three female cats.  That number is now 2-4, but the fact that at one time, 3 and 3 were part of my home.

Do I find it eerie?  Odd?  Of course, but it’s sort of a source of energy or mystique about it all.


That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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