June 28, 2012

Rachel taught me that being abnormal is okay.

Finn taught me that you can manage an over-filled life.

Artie taught me that no matter what happens to you, stay positive.

Mike taught me how to dance.

Kurt taught me it’s okay to be different.

Tina taught me to be myself.

Mercedes taught me how loud humans can be.

Puck taught me to tough it out, even when the world is against you.

Santana taught me about lesbians.

Sue has taught me that there is goodness in everyone.

But most importantlyBrittany taught me that dolphins are just gay sharks.

These comments were provided by ‘SUPERCUTE101able’, in response to a GLEE performance of “Just The Way You Are“.

Over the years of watching television, and living in these years, has been inspirational in many ways.

Looking at how television has evolved over the years, has also shown how life has been changed.  When Lucille Ball was not photographed from the waist down because she was ‘with child’, and seeing today that pregnant women are beautiful, is but one example.  Where one time, the word ‘gay’ was a disease.  Now, it’s an accepted lifestyle.  Where one time, men ruled the world, woman are now in power positions, shows that we are changing as a people.

There have been a lot of ground-breaking sitcoms and television shows over the years.  No matter what the subject matter dealt with, just the fact that producers and writers were willing to ‘push the envelope’ just a little more, has helped us to understand and see life as it is.

Granted, perhaps GLEE will not be the most ground-breaking show ever produced, but the fact that it helps us to understand that we all feel the same emotions, the same goals, the same insecurities… this is life.

Watching seasons 1 and 2 (so far) of GLEE, has helped me in many ways.  It has helped me to open my eyes.  I must say that, coming to Taiwan, not only helped me to open my mind and eyes to the world, but helped me to realize that, even though Canada and Taiwan are on opposite sides of the world, people are still the same.

As much as we, as Canadians, are changing and accepting others from around the world – their culture, their religion, their beliefs, their food – other cultures and countries still have a ways to go – based solely on comparison to my country.

We, Canadians, still do have a long way to go, before we are totally accepting of others that do not share our beliefs, acceptances, and foods!  Then again, what culture, or country, or people really do accept everyone as individuals?  Who really does embrace all that the world has to offer?

SUPERCUTE101able may have learned things about the show GLEE.  I, too, have learned something from this show.  My lessons are as follows:

Rachel taught me to believe in myself.

Finn taught me that every day is a learning experience.

Artie taught me that there is no such thing as DISability.

Mike taught me to be open and express myself, and know that I am capable of many things.

Kurt taught me not to be afraid of or scared of or intimidated by  who I am.

Tina taught me to be myself.

Mercedes taught me how loud humans can be.

Puck taught me that it is possible to make a positive situation from a negative circumstance.

Santana taught me it’s okay to be honest, but honesty does have it’s limits.

Sue has taught me that there is goodness in everyone.

Brittany taught me to see the lighter side of life.

Will has taught me to see people for who they are, and diversity is the spice of life.

GLEE has taught me that there is more to a song, than just words and music.  Teamwork, diversity, acceptance, is what makes people better.  Showing your emotions is a part of life.  It’s okay to laugh, to cry, to feel pain, to care for others, to look beyond appearances.  Knowing who we are as individuals, and understanding that not everyone is the same, is the key to a diversified world.

Maybe there is hope for this planet after all…

That’s it, that’s all… for now!



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