June 21, 2012

The typhoon yesterday, was unexciting.  Yeah, a lot of rain, but technically, according to the Central Weather Bureau’s website, it didn’t reach typhoon status.  It was only a tropical storm.  There were a couple of times when the winds picked up, and the rain was heavy, but overall, it just seemed like a rainy day.

Everything back to normal.  I did do something rather stupid yesterday as well.  While transferring a few files of pictures onto the external hard drive, I inadvertently deleted the files!  So, everything that I was concerned about yesterday about attempting this, happened.  And now, I’m in the process of finding a free program from ‘download.com’ to be able to recover or undelete deleted files.  Once that’s done, then I can go ahead and clean up the computer space.

The new iPhone is still a bit of a mystery to me.  Like the other one, iPhone 3G, it won’t take long to figure it out.  I’m having a bit of trouble in syncing over the information from the 3G to the 4S, and with the error in deleting the photos, it’s just one more thing to keep me occupied.

When I signed this new contract with Chung-hua Telecom, I indicated that it was unnecessary to have Internet access on the iPhone.  My schools and my home have WiFi, and since the iPhone and the laptop both are able to pick up WiFi signals, I use the Internet through WiFi.  Also, since I take my laptop to all my classes as well as my iPhone, there is no need to have both using the Internet.

“SIRI” uses the Internet to ‘talk’ to me.  So, where there is no WiFi, then I can’t talk to “SIRI”.  I’ll just have to get used to that.  If I get to an area where I absolutely need the Internet, then I’ll just have to hunt down a 7-11 and purchase time.  Then again, what was life like before WiFi and hard connections to the Internet?  I will adapt.

I’ve been following this case on the Internet in what, Rochester, New York I believe.  Karen Klein, who is a bus monitor was filmed, obviously with a phone cam, and being ‘bullied’ by the students.  Ms Klein is in her late 60s, obviously still a vibrant woman, and putting up with the taunts and teasings and threats of children on a school bus.

The reason that a monitor is used on the bus, is to stop this type of bullying amongst the kids.  But what does one do, when the focus of the bullying, is not a fellow student, but an adult who is there to protect the students from this kind of behaviour?

Personally, I think this is absolutely disgusting.  What is happening in our world these days, when respect for others is not a concern or a care?  What possesses kids to act this way?  Who is raising kids and teaching them about respect to others?

I’ve read over the past months, a lot of notices and postings on Facebook, Yahoo, and other online sites, about bullying in school.  How it is reaching, for lack of another term, epidemic proportions.  It seems like there is a lot more bullying going on in schools then there was when I was in school.

Yes, I remember many times being the brunt of bullies.  Those kids who would wait at the school doors once class was out, for the sole purpose of wanting to ‘beat me up’.  Those bigger kids who would push us down on the playground just for laughs.  Thankfully, I can’t remember the names of these delightful students of days gone by, else I put there names on my blog.

The thing is, bullying is not just a North American phenomenon.  It happens here in Taiwan as well.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen students picking on, or bullying others.  It happens a lot more often than I care to guess.

Perhaps because I have been on the receiving end when I was young, that now, when I see this kind of behaviour in my class, I put myself between the students doing the bullying.  Perhaps they don’t really understand what I’m saying, but I will defend these bullied kids.  These are also the kids that I will try to befriend and let them know that I don’t approve of this type of behaviour, and will defend them.

Perhaps, because of parents being too busy, with both having jobs, or parents are, well, too young to have children, or because of the blatant show of violence towards others in movies, television, video games, or perhaps because everyone is so busy on the Internet…  I don’t know what the exact cause or reason for this increase in disrespect and bullying is all about nowadays.  Jealousy?  Intelligence (or lack thereof)?  Parental disconcern?

Whatever the reason, it is also nice to see, that there are people out there who are trying their best, to stop this kind of behaviour towards others.  I know there is and probably never will be a Utopian society in my lifetime.  Reading about the guy in Toronto who set up a fund to collect money for Karen Klein to basically help her out and send her on a much needed vacation from these ignorant kids, reinforces my belief that there are still good people on our planet.

AND, seeing that the original goal was to raise $5,000 has significantly increased to well over $500,000 – she is going to have one HELL of a vacation.  Hopefully, this will be enough for Ms Klein to give up the monitor job, and retire someplace warm and sunny.

I’m also in agreement with Ms Klein, in that she did not want to see or hear the kids’ apologies.  She wanted a written apology.  Apparently, one of the fathers of one of the kids, offered his apology to her on behalf of his ignorant child.  Personally, I wouldn’t have accepted the apology.  I don’t believe she did either.  If the father had apologized for how he raised such an ignorant and belligerent child, okay.  But to apologize for his child’s behaviour – unacceptable in my books.

She’s not pursuing charges, and is only asking for written apologies, is a very big gesture on her part.  Besides, going to court over this is really not worth it, and probably would accomplish diddly squat anyway.  The kids are too young for the court system, so who be held responsible – the oblivious and uncaring parents?

Besides, in today’s society, where child punishment is illegal, what else can be done?  We’ve created a society where children are more intelligent and aware of the laws, and know that, being young, they are not held responsible for their actions.  Now we just have to teach them that their actions do have repercussions – perhaps not on them personally, but to everyone they are in contact with!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!



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3 responses to “June 21, 2012

  1. joyce oconnell

    Kids bully others, ’cause they can ! If they weren’t allowed, it would stop.

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  3. I felt awful after watching that video, but I am glad that Karen Klein is getting somewhat of a happy ending. I think she deserves it and I’m glad that she is donating some of that money to charity and good causes. I wrote an article yesterday about her story and the power of the Internet and social media. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:



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