June 11, 2012

I’m often in awe with my friends and family on Facebook.

I wonder at times where people find some of the jokes, clips, videos, and various other pieces of wisdom.  Some I do find interesting enough to repost, others are points to ponder.  Some funny, some sad, some caring, some offensive.  I guess it all depends on your sense of humour or your sense of morality.  Nonetheless, there are so many every day, it’s hard to read them all.

One ‘news’ item I came across, was actually on Yahoo.ca.  The article was about high tech sounds we don’t hear nowadays.  How many do you recognize?  Tap on the link, and listen.  Try not to read the description and see if you can figure them out.












If you’ve been around and conscious for the past 25 or 30 years, you should recognize most of these sounds.  The disconcerting thing about these sounds is, how many do we hear now?

Better yet, how many do we actually miss hearing?

Then there was another picture with a woman holding a cat.  Now, Garfield here looks like he’s in pretty good health.  He was handed over to an animal shelter in Long Island, New York, after his owner had passed away.  The animal shelter is doing two things:  looking for someone who would be willing to adopt Garfield and give him a good home, and they are putting Garfield on a diet.

Apparently Garfield here, tips the scales a meager 40 pounds!  What that is in metric, I’m not sure.  It’s a lot though!  And here I though Gabriel and Cornelia were a bit overweight!  My two kids are specs compared to Garfield.  I did receive a comment to my repost of this picture, that this is animal abuse.

I suppose, allowing your pet cat to grow to such a size could be considered unhealthy, but the way I see the picture, Garfield is healthy.  It doesn’t appear that he has been abused in the conventional way you could imagine, and as the article states, his owner had passed away.  Perhaps, Garfield’s weight gain was due to the owner not being able to properly feed or exercise Garfield.

If I were living on Long Island, I might consider adopting Garfield.  He may be a big cat, but he would certainly be a friendly guy!  My experience with cat ownership over the years has shown me that, orange and white cats, not only are males, but are generally very good natured.  My cats would look like babies next to him!

Among all the other worldly news items on Yahoo.ca, was a link to some photos of Queen Elizabeth.  I suppose that most countries that are in any way connected to the British Empire, and those who just have an affinity for QEII or the royal family in general, knows that Queen E has celebrated her diamond jubilee in these past few weeks.

Of course, that will also garner a plethora of videos and news articles and photographs of the royal family over the years.  Life Magazine, apparently, had ‘rare’ photos of Queen E over the years, and generously shared 11 of these pictures on their website (Queen Elizabeth II).

I guess some people have too much time on their hands.  To find these various news articles and jokes all over the Internet, I just don’t know how one finds them. Perhaps, I’m just not bored enough, or perhaps I just don’t care.  I can’t spend hours on the computer or Internet, just searching for obscure information.

‘Playing’ on the Internet, to me, is akin to shopping.  When I need information, I know what I want to find, type in the appropriate keywords, look through a couple of links, and I have it.  When I go shopping, I know what I want, where to find it, and then I’m out.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy reading these pieces of trivia that get posted.  Someone else has already done the research, and I get the benefits of that research without wasting my own time.

A site like Yahoo.ca posts news articles and videos of the day.  This is how I, here in Taiwan, get a lot of my information about what is happening back home.  I don’t chat with family members every day, and when I chat with Gary, he doesn’t talk much about the daily news.  We’re friends, so we talk about, well, things friends talk about!

One interesting item on Yahoo.ca today, comes from California.  It’s kind of surreal, but interesting at the same time.  Watch it here!

So, to all you Internet ‘junkies’ out there, thanks for the links.  Keep up the good work.  Oh, and by the way, get out into daylight once in a while.  You’re losing your tans!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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