June 9, 2012

Here comes the rain again

Raining in my head like a tragedy

Tearing me apart like a new emotion…

Well, not quite so literal, but…  I am so glad that I got my hair cut this week.  It may be a bit short, but, with this weather – hot, humid, rainy – anyone who has naturally curly or wavy hair can understand.  It doesn’t matter what you do with it in the morning after your shower, within a very short period of time, you have a whole new hairstyle.  And that style is neither flattering or nice in any stretch.

As well, since I am a ‘safe’ and ‘safety’ driver, I do wear my helmet AL THE TIME when I’m on the scooter.  So, again that doesn’t help with the hair either.  I get to my destination, take off the helmet, and when I look in the mirror, it looks like I just got out of bed!  Time to get the locks hacked off.

My stylist, Vincen, over the years has done incredible work with my hair.  I’m not overly particular about what my hair looks like.  I’m one of those people that look more to the PERSON than the image, so my ‘image’ is not of that great concern to me.  I’m one of those people who, when I get out of the shower, I just want to towel dry my hair, perhaps run a brush or my fingers through very quickly, and voila!  Done.  I don’t use a lot of product in my hair, I don’t like to use a hair dryer…  If I spend more than 3 minutes getting my hair in order, it’s time to get it cut!

So Vincen seems to understand, even though his English is worse than my Chinese.  Sorry Vincen, but I’m sure you will agree.

I’m also one who probably doesn’t go to the salon as often as I really should.  It seems that our hair grows quicker in the summer months, and a bit slower in the winter months.  I think I get my hair cut about 5 or 6 times a year – if that!  Part of my problem is time.  Not only my personal time, but the salon’s time as well.  Until recently, there have only been two days a week that I am able to get into the salon.  And, one of those days, Vincen does not work.  So, that left me with only one day a week that I could go.  If I missed one week, I would have to wait until the following week.

For as long as I can remember my first visit to a salon, the one thing that I’ve always enjoyed is having my hair washed!  The cut and styling was okay, but the washing of my hair – that is what does it for me.  It’s been an adventure over the years to find good people who wash my hair.  I don’t know about other people, but when I wash my own hair, big deal.  I know what my head feels like, I know what my hair feels like, but I just can’t get ‘into’ washing my own hair.

Perhaps it’s because when you have your hair washed at a salon, you are lying down, you can relax, enjoy someone else’s hands on your head, the massaging of my scalp…  It’s a very pleasurable experience.  When I was living in Ottawa oh so many years ago, one salon I visited, had a woman washing my hair, who was also a friend of mine’s sister.  She was incredible.  Perhaps, because of the connection of knowing each other outside the salon, and being good friends, she may have spent an extra bit of time on my shampoo.  Perhaps it was because we chatted while I was being shampooed.  Whatever the reason, I really enjoyed visiting the salon she worked, simply because of her.

Until finding Aero, here in Tainan, I never had that experience of great shampooing as I did in Ottawa.  The first visit to Aero, and meeting Vincen, he suggested that I get my hair washed by a guy named Eddy.  Now, a bit daunting, by since this was the first time, at the salon, I figured why not.

Well, Eddy was incredible!  His English was good, we were able to chat while he washed my hair, he understood what I was wanting of my cut and explained that to Vincen in Chinese, but his shampooing and massaging was wonderful.  I almost fell asleep!

Since that first time, each time I send a message to Vincen to have my hair cut, I always check to see if Eddy is working at the same time.  Having a great shampooist and stylist, made going to the salon a good experience, and an hour or so of good conversation.

This past trip to Aero though, Eddy was busy styling someone else’s hair.  He’s been studying to be a stylist, and I guess he’s now doing his apprenticeship or something.  I was also told that there were a few of the regular stylists on holidays right now, so with a lot of apologizing, Vincen explained that Eddy was not able to wash my hair this time.

Well, no offense to Vincen or Aero, but the woman who washed my hair this time – Ugh.  Quite frankly, I think I washed my hair better that morning in the shower!  This woman just didn’t know what she was doing, or she was nervous – I’m not sure what the problem was.  As much as I was relaxed as usual, she just didn’t seem to be ‘into’ her job.  Maybe she was pissed about having to do shampooing rather than styling.  Anyway, I had absolutely no problem telling Vincen and Eddy (when he had a moment and came to say hi), that this woman was the shits!

However, I still enjoyed the time at the salon.  I was able to chat with both Vincen and Eddy, got my hair cut very nicely, and aside from having a crappy shampoo job, I was still my normal generous self when it came to the bill.  It is not customary in Taiwan to give the stylist or shampoo person a tip, however, I always do.

And this salon day was no exception.  I understand that, every once in a while, we’re all going to have an off day.  This day was exactly that for Aero.  They were short-handed due to staff holidays, and I know that the next time I go to Aero, it will be back to normal.

See you in a couple of months guys!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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