June 10, 2012

Just a couple of things today.

First, you will notice, a couple of days ago, and perhaps in the future, articles that don’t have the DATE as the title.  These are NOT my articles.  I have been finding options of allowing my blog entries to be read by more people.  In doing so, there is one particular blog sharing site that allows MY blogs and other’s blogs to be read and possibly posted on each other’s blogs, so as to help each other in gaining exposure.

SO, that being said, the article on TAROT CARDS is not my article, but one that I decided to allow to be shown on my blog site.  Perhaps, somewhere down the line, someone may take one of my blogs and allow it to be posted on THEIR site.

Now, personal opinion time.

Even though I live and work in Taiwan (for now), I still stay in touch with what is going on in my own country – that being Canada.  Over the past month or so, there have been news articles relating to Canada, that surprisingly, have made it to the news here in Taiwan.  The first being, the incredible torrential rains that cities like Thunder Bay, Montreal, and Toronto have had to deal with.

Canada is more of a winter weather country… not so much a summer weather country.  What I mean by that is, because of Canada’s geographical positioning on planet Earth, winter weather is more of a problem for my ‘… home and native land… ‘ than summer-type weather.  Snowstorms, ice storms are commonplace in Canada, whereas typhoons and hurricanes are not.

Seeing articles about the devastation rain has caused in Thunder Bay and Toronto and Montreal, have been a complete surprise!  Knowing that, the type of weather typical and at times, devastating to a country like Taiwan, has had its effect on Canada, is unreal.  I’ve been in Union Station in Toronto many times.  Seeing the videos and pictures of the rain’s effect on this busy hub of the Canadian, Ontarian, and Torontonian transit system, is beyond words.

Seeing the photos that have been posted on Facebook by friends such as Eric O’Connell in Thunder Bay, are unbelievable.  I must admit that there’s something awe-inspiring seeing these photos.  The same as when a super typhoon hits Taiwan, it’s kind of exciting seeing the effect that Mama Nature inflicts upon us, and [knock wood], as I haven’t really seen a lot of natural disasters first-hand, it is mesmerizing and exciting at the same time!

The other bit of news that’s been making the headlines, not only in Canada, but worldwide, is this MAGNOTTA case.

At first, when I read the first couple of articles on Yahoo.ca, I was a bit exasperated I suppose is the right word. I didn’t want to give into the hype of this maniac.  Sorry.

But the more that information was posted, and the more that it became an ‘international’ news item, the more I was, intrigued?  It’s not often that Canada is the focus of such a news item.  Anyone reading my blog right now, if you haven’t heard about this MAGNOTTA character, I only have one question for you – do you read or listen to the news?

There are many, many cases of horrendous acts towards others in society, but many of these, for some reason, have a base in America.  If my mind hasn’t totally lost it yet, I believe that the last such incredulous news article of this type was in the 1970’s involving Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.  It’s hard to believe that this news item was almost 40 years ago!

And now, here we are with Luca Rocco Magnotta, and his reign of terror, is almost too much to comprehend.  What drives people like Magnotta, Bernardo, Manson, Bonnie and Clyde, and Borden, to do such heinous acts towards others?

Honestly… who hasn’t, at one point or another, either in childhood or adulthood, wished someone an unfortunate demise?   Seriously.  A jilted lover, an abusive partner, a lazy co-worker.  Who among us, can honestly say, that they didn’t, at one point or another, wish someone else an unfortunate end?  I don’t care how nice and how you may have changed your life, or accepted Jesus as your saviour – whatever, everyone at one point or another has had an extreme thought towards someone else.  Even law enforcers (aka police) go through those thoughts.  Watching a program like Dexter, reinforces the idea that, even though someone else may be the cause of another’s demise, there is someone who wishes THAT person an equal demise!

That being said, not EVERYONE follows through on those thoughts.  I’ve seen many little quips and quotes on Facebook that proves this theory.  When thousands of people ‘LIKE’ the statement, then I don’t think I’m that far off the mark.  Thankfully, the extreme vast majority of people DON’T follow through with these thoughts.  We all have a dark side.  No matter how religious or self-righteous you are, you still, on occasion, either in the past or present, do have these dark feelings.

If that weren’t true, then there wouldn’t be so many movies and video games (as examples) where these ideas are projected on the screen.  Many people like horror movies.  Many kids love video games where the ninja is hacking bodies apart, or shooting people in a video enhanced war, or sci-fi movies and games of aliens destroying planet Earth or we destroying them!

I’m not saying that these are the reasons that people have these thoughts, and act upon them.  What I’m saying is that everyone has these thoughts.  It’s the odd individual who actually ACTS upon these thoughts that is disturbing.

Even when you watch a program like CSI, you begin to realize that causing pain, death, dismemberment, etc., to another human being, is something that happens every day on our planet.  It would be wonderful if for just one day, there was absolutely no news about a human being meeting their demise at the hands of another human being.  With over 6,000,000,000 people on this planet, that’s a huge hope and request.

When I think that it’s been almost 40 years since my country has had a crime as heinous as Magnotta’s, I think we as Canadians do live in a rather wonderful world.  Understandably, not every crime is reported in the news, but then again, not every crime involves the world at large.

The only saving grace, in my opinion, is that this person has been caught, and if proven to be the actual person involved in these crimes, is now in custody and hopefully, will not see the light of day again.  Capital punishment was officially abolished in Canada in 1976.  The last people to have been executed under the death penalty were in 1962.  Although only 710 people in Canada were executed, my question is, did we as Canadians abolish capital punishment too early?  Should we still have the death penalty?  It may not be a constitutional or moral form of punishment, but when I think about it, let’s just say that Magnotta is guilty beyond reason of doubt in the this most heinous of crimes, is it fair to the rest of the Canadian public, to care for him and try to rehabilitate him, and pay for his food and clothing and shelter for the next 25 or more years?

Again, this may garner a lot of opinion from my readers, but I say, reinstate the death penalty.  If there is ABSOLUTELY, no doubt, that someone has proven to be a menace to society, and taken another person’s life for pleasure, or revenge, or whatever the reason, then that person, in my opinion, does not deserve to take advantage of the remainder of the population for the rest of his natural life.  End their life.

When there is an animal who is a menace to our way of life, such as a dog, or this ‘snake fish’ in British Columbia, we have not problem putting them down.  Am I equating the life of a human being to the level of a ‘snake fish’ or dog?  In this case, yes.

My opinion.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!



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3 responses to “June 10, 2012

  1. joyce oconnell

    Did you know that Bernardo, Homoka, were friends with Russ Williams the pilot that murdered those ladies near TO. ? Bernardo & Russ went to school together, and are now in prison together. Now we find out that this crazy man was involved with these sickos.

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