June 8, 2012

I guess I hit a nerve, or got people thinking.

You know, there are a lot of contests and competitions in our world today.  And I’m not just referring to Internet.  In the ‘real’ world as well.

Ever since I was a kid, and watched my first “Sir Ghastly Graves” movie and “Star Trek” episode, I understood and accepted that television was not reality.  I could clearly distinguish between movie ‘blood and guts’ and reality ‘blood and guts’.  Not that in reality, I’ve ever seen ‘blood and guts’, but I could understand and not be frightened or scared of what I saw in a movie or television show.

Well, that same thinking has passed onto my real conscience mind when I see Internet/computer aspects.  As much as I enjoy entering contests with publications or T.V. advertisements or shopping centers, I can accept with the Internet as well.   Especially in light of the recent competition.

I was fully aware of the rules and regulations.  I was fully aware that clarification was initiated by a friend, who, coincidentally, had my best interest in mind.  Now however, I understand that contests involving the use of the Internet, are just as UNrealistic as those on potato bags, or television commercials.

We live in an unfortunate society, where the feminine form is revered.  In todays world, if a woman, who a man finds intriguing were to apply for a job or contest or competition, then all the laws and bylaws and regulations and sexism are thrown out the window.  Chivalry may be dead, but the drooling may not be!

I found it interesting, that being upfront and honest with this past competition, has led to a step back in time.

Let me explain.

I saw a video on YouTube recently, where a woman, in public, out in broad daylight, physically abused a man.  Now, there was no explanation as to WHY this woman was doing this, but I found it interesting that it was acceptable, and the mere fact that the 37 second clip garnered over 10,000,000 hits, was acceptable in today’s society!

If a man had abused a woman in the same way, the man would have been hauled off to jail, and in some societies, perhaps sentenced to death.  This woman in the video on YouTube, hit the man, grabbed his, um, privates, kicked him several times, yelled at him and basically berated this guy in broad daylight.  If it was a guy doing the EXACT same thing to a woman, well, we all know what the outcome would be.  Just as I described above – thrown in jail, charged, and perhaps executed!

I will agree that for the better part of most of recorded history, as far as we are told or led to believe recorded history, men have been the aggressors.  They have ruled the world.  They are the backbones of society.  They are the leaders.  They are the lawmakers.

I know I will probably receive a lot of flack over this blog entry.  However, in today’s world, the 21st century if you will, where men and women are, by law and society, accepted as equals, is it right for a woman to berate or belittle or abuse a man?

If we are trying to break down the barriers of sexism and racism, why would it still be okay for a woman to abuse a man in public?  Should she not be ridiculed and charged in the name of equality?

Well, the same holds true, in my opinion, of this particular competition.  When it comes to choosing the right people for a job, in the case of government for example, the better ‘person’ is chosen for the position.  Gender is not a consider.  But in this case, it seems to have been EXACTLY that!  Of the 353 applicants, only a handful actually put themselves on display to show their interest.  The promoters however, in their infinite wisdom, allowed ONE person to apply in two positions, and not anyone else.  Yes, I have now verified that there were two other people who wanted to apply in another category, but were denied access due to the fact that they had already applied in one category, and therefore could not apply again.

Further, the promoters PROMOTED this person in a category in which this person did not win!  Am I pissed?  Yes!  Of course!  However, this dual entry person was a woman.

I grew up in a family where my mother was the person who ‘wore the pants’ in the family.  I grew up in an age where women were more and more the managers.  I grew up in a country where the rights of women were protected, and men were prosecuted.  Sad to say, but when you look at the stats, this is what was happening.

Several decades or centuries ago, for some reason, women were considered second class citizens.  I didn’t make the rules or regulations.  Hell, I wasn’t even a twinkle in my parents’ parents’ parents’ PARENT’s eyes!  Why the ‘holly bibble’ says that WOMAN was created from a rib of a man, is beyond me!  Which came first – the man or the woman?  Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

Perhaps in some futuristic time period, men and women will TRULY become equal.  I mean really, when we are conceived in the womb, do WE choose whether we will be a female or male?  How is the decision made that a couple will produce a boy or girl?

I realize that this topic is FAR from the competition I entered.  However, due to whatever circumstances, from my view, a female was promoted by the promoters, a female was the only person who was able to apply in multiple categories, and a female was the winner in a category that she BARELY received enough votes to be a contender!

Am I upset?  It may seem to be or appear that way, but I am only stating the realistic fact of the matter.  Oh, did I also tell you that the person who is wanting to break a world record, has also asked that ONLY female divers apply to be part of his diving team?


Yes, as I stated above, I will probably receive a lot of flack over this blog entry.  However, I think that in today’s world, people should be looked at fairly, for their strengths and weaknesses, their abilities and experience, not by whether they have big breasts or not!

Sorry folks, but again, this is my blog.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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