If I Pick The Death Tarot Card – Am I Doomed?

Being drawn the Death card in a tarot reading would frighten the life out of most people (excuse the pun). It’s a card no-one wants to see, and with its portrayal of Death as a skeletal figure clad in black robes or armour, riding a pale white horse cutting down everything in its path with a scythe, it certainly looks ominous. Psychics claim that even the burliest of men are reduced to nervous wrecks when they see it. But does the death card really indicate the imminent death of the person having the reading?

What Does it Really Mean?

Well, it can mean death, but this is only one of its many meanings. The death card actually signifies a ‘transformation’, or an ‘ending’. Normally, the death card represents a metaphorical ‘death’. It could be referring to the end of a relationship, the end of a job, the ending of a close friendship, the end of a lease or the end of an illness etc. It means that something will come to a close. The death card can mean a literal death, as death is an ending itself (the ending of a life), but it doesn’t necessarily mean the death of the person having the reading, or someone close to them. It could mean the death of a pet, or a household plant.

The Death Tarot Story

The story of the Death Tarot card helps demonstrate its meaning. A Fool wakes up and realises he has been hanged. He leaves the tree where he hung, and walks through a fallow field. He feels empty, as if he has lost something, although he knows he has started on his spiritual journey. He meets a skeleton clad in armour, mounted on a white horse. “Have I died?” he asks Death. The Skeleton answers, “Yes, in a way. You sacrificed your old world, your old self. Both are gone, dead.” The Fool weeps, “forgive me”, he asks. “There is nothing to forgive,” Death replies. “It’s natural to mourn. Keep in mind, however, that leaves wither and die in order for new ones to be able to grow”. As Death departs, the Fool realises the meaning of those words, and knows that all transformations begin with a loss.

So What Could It Mean For You?

If you ask the cards a question about a financial investment you’ve made, and you get dealt the death card, it might mean you need to let go of it, that it has run its course and it’s time to move on. Maybe the business isn’t making you any money. Maybe you’ve been in a job you hate and you ask the cards about your career. If you get the death card, it’s telling you that it’s time to end it, or maybe that your job isn’t secure. Use this as a warning and check up on the financial position of your employer. Sometimes the death card is regarding an event that has already happened, such as a recent break-up. Tarot readings are divided into three segments, your past, present and future. If you get the death card in your past segment, it’s about an event that has already happened.

As the story of the Death tarot card shows us, transformation is a part of the death card. One thing in your life has ended and this brings with it a transformation. The death card is an indication that you are starting life afresh, renewed. Although you might be devastated at the thought of your relationship breaking down, or your pot plant dying, the death card is a symbol of a new beginning, a new chapter in your life. The fool gets peace of mind once he accepts the fact of his transformation. The Death card can be a bringing of good news, maybe you’ve been thinking of leaving your old home to buy a new house, or it could signify the end of an illness etc. One thing has ended, but something else will fill that space.

Alice from horoscopes.org.uk is interested in the different aspects of tarot and understanding exactly what it could mean. The Death Card doesn’t have to be terrifying, it could be a good omen!



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