June 7, 2012


Here we are, five days after the beginning of the competition that I applied for.  Now, I’m not one to criticize others, especially when one should be careful on their criticism.  However, this competition was a bit of a letdown, not only for me, but for at least 72 other people!

I must state objectively, that no matter the situation, and even though I did take a year off of writing, I think that my determination in writing my blog for the first year, and the fact that I’ve made a genuine concerted effort at keeping up this year thus far, that I could have done a much better job/task at blogging than the people who did get chosen.

Now that the competition is over, the choices were made, what difference, really, will my opinions make?  You, as the reader, may think that I am being bitchy!  My friend in Canada, may think that I am digging myself a grave.  However, I think that just for my own peace of mind, I need to ‘vent’ a little bit.

During the beginning of the competition process, there was not rule or stipulation that indicated that people were not allowed more than one vote per person.  In fact, if it had not been for a few, not just one, but several friends in Canada and Taiwan, that they were able to vote more than once for me, I would never have realized that multiple voting was allowed.  As in most competitions I’ve ever been involved with, normally, each person is allowed one vote.  Period.  End of conversation.

The fact that some of my friends were able to vote more than once for me, and the votes be allowed, inspired me to tell everyone to vote as often and as many times as you liked.

However, the promoters discovered this fact, perhaps too late, but they were informed of this fact, coincidentally, by one of MY friends!  The next thing I knew, single votes were accepted, and multiple voters received a message stating that they had already voted for me.  Fair enough.  I figured, this also applied to others.

As the site was ‘cleaned up’, my votes were still applied.  I guess, since there was no rule, and I was [indirectly] the person who apparently pointed out this flaw in the voting process, may have led to my not being one truly considered in the competition.

Also, since I have extensive experience in administrative positions in the past, I had also applied for a second position.  Again, there was nothing in the rules and regulations regarding multiple entries in multiple categories, I figured, why not?  However, upon applying, a message came on my computer that I had already applied for on position, and that each applicant was only allowed one application on the site itself.  Okay, that way it gave anyone who wanted to apply, one chance at a ‘job’.

Then, toward the end of the competition period, one particular individual was given preferential treatment.  A little unfair to the other 352 applicants, of which I was one, but whatever.  That being, they were ‘featured’ on the promoter’s Facebook site, as a potential video blogger.  Now, I watched her video application.  I must say, I was thoroughly impressed.  There is no way, I could have put together a video as wonderful and unique as this.  I was for certain, sure that this person was going to be the video blogger.

However, at zero hour, I discovered that this person applied under two categories!  How was that possible?  Two e-mail addresses?  This person happened to be of another gender?  This person, somehow, was able to get an on-air interview, via telephone, on an American radio station?  Whatever the pull, I knew right away, I hadn’t a chance in hell with competing against this person.

So, as with probably the other 6 competitors in my category, I was a bit pissed.  Okay.  Get over it.  The promoters (or whomever) wanted young, party-type people.  When you look over the applicants who won their positions, you can see that the winners were exactly that.  Young, party-type people.

So my questions are:  1) What type of personality or person where the promoters looking for?  2) Were the promoters wanting young people?  3) Were the promoters looking more for appearance or quality?

I’ve looked over the winners’ blog sites, and this is what I’ve discovered.  The person who won the video blogger, did not submit a video on their application.  How could anyone vote for someone who did not give a video sample?  Since the beginning of the trip, this person has only submitted one video of 47 seconds.  This trip began on June 2, 2012, and here it is now, June 7.  Okay, let’s take away the time differential, and it is only June 6, 2012, and yet, after 5 days, there is only one video!

The Russian blogger has lengthy blogs, although I don’t understand the language, so I can’t give my opinion as to the content.  Since I didn’t apply for the Russian Blogger position, I don’t really care either.  However, this person has received very few ‘likes’ for their blogs.

The Chinese blog site has only three entries.  Again, as I don’t read, write, or understand the Chinese language, I can’t comment.  However, for a population of over 1,000,000,000 people, and writing in Chinese, she has only received one ‘like’ on her blog!

The German blogger is the most interesting, in my opinion.  It is being written by someone of non-German heritage, but that is not the problem.  Again, this person only has 3 entries, and a few ‘likes’.

The English blogger, who coincidentally ran for the Video blogger position as well, has a only 3 entries.  Remember that the ‘trip’ began on June 2.  That means, in my opinion, at this point, they should have at least five or six entries.

However, each of these ‘bloggers’ have not, in my opinion, fulfilled their obligations!  Knowing that, for example, someone like myself, who was willing to give their all, and report daily to my readers, who just so happen to be worldwide, should have been given more consideration.

When I am a judge in competitions, I don’t look at who is the prettiest, or who is the best looking on camera, or who I want to ****!  I look at the person.  I look at what they are able to accomplish.  I look at their history.  I look at their work.

Since I have nothing to loose, and this competition actually did not cost me anything personally, then my opinion, again, is my opinion.

I’m not saying that I should have won the position.  What I am saying, is that I would have given my all.  Unlike what I’ve seen to date, I would have done a hell of a lot better in the reporting of this attempt at a world record, than ANY of the people who actually won!

To choose an Asian person to write in German, a fantastic video person to blog in English, is in my opinion, a huge mistake on Maurice Lacroix and Sebastien Murat.

But, they made their decision, and they are going to have to deal with that.  My recommendation for future competitions such as this, is to get more experienced people choosing the winners.  Perhaps, rather than deciding on only ONE person in each category, choose two, or three.  Have them compete against each other.

I really and sincerely do hope, that as the days progress, these people will realize that this is supposed to reflect a world record attempt!  Something that will go down in the history books, and not just a big party!  Sure, the party is fun, and exciting, and is much better appreciated by youngsters, but, at some point, if the organizers are actually taking this seriously, they will realize that they did indeed, choose kids to do a task that more experienced people could have completed.

My opinion.  Take it or leave it.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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