May 31, 2012

I suppose I hit a few nerves yesterday!

My blog was about texting and driving.  I guess so many people do that, perhaps the word got around not to look at my blog!  Hahah…  Oh well.  Again, it’s my opinion, and well, that’s fine.

For the past few months, as I’ve mentioned, I re-started writing my blog entries.  I took a bit of hiatus because of other things going on in my life, and I just didn’t have enough time to write.   Big mistake, but hopefully, that’s rectified now.

I’ve been impressed with WordPress’s layout now.  Perhaps things changed while I was ‘on a break’, or perhaps these statistics were always in place and I just didn’t know how to access them.  Nonetheless, as a blog owner (of which many of you are as well), I find it very interesting some of the information available now.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen my readership go up and down.  That’s to be expected.  Unless you’ve got a great mind or nothing better to do than write blogs all day, there will be times when your readers can’t log on.  Perhaps computer problems, busy at work, on holidays…  whatever the reason, hey, it happens.

Now, let’s switch topics here for a moment.  Has anyone seen the show, “Hot In Cleveland” yet?  If not, it’s kind of like the “Golden Girls” of the new millennium.  In fact, Betty White is also in this program.  I must say, for a woman (or person) of 90, she’s got a hell of a lot more spunk in her than most people half her age!  And, I also love the new show, “Off Their Rockers”!  Very, very funny!

Anyway, in the sitcom, “Hot In Cleveland”, the character played by Valerie Bertinelli, Melanie Moretti, has gained fame and perhaps a bit of a fortune, as a writer.  Melanie wrote a book, listing the 200 things she hopes to do or accomplish in her life.  Interesting!

200 things!  Actually, thinking about it, I was wondering how cool it would be to have written that kind of book.  Throughout the few episodes, a couple of her ‘hopes’ were accomplished, like playing in a band.  Granted, it wasn’t a big name band, just a little group playing for a prize at a local bar.  Nonetheless, the fact that she accomplished this task, showed us that anything is possible.

So of course, I had to start my own list of 200 things I’d like to accomplish in my lifetime.  At the top of my list, is to live to be 200.  Well, if I can accomplish 200 things in the next 150 years, I’ll consider myself quite lucky.  I suppose I should write, as number 2, find a way to stop the natural aging process!!  Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Perhaps because of being in my 50’s now (OMG), I notice articles on the Internet relating to, dare I say, seniors.  Some of the more interesting, and in my opinion, newsworthy items to note:

1.   Peterborough, Ontario is becoming the ‘retirement city’ of Canada.  I was always under the impression, from what people told me, Elliot Lake held that title!  Doesn’t really matter though.  I’ve never visited either city, so I don’t know.  My desired retirement city is Niagara-on-the-Lake.

2.   The fastest growing age group in Canada’s population, are the baby boomers.  Depending on the articles you read, the ‘baby boomers’ are those people born in the 50’s-70’s.  Starting and ending dates are unimportant to me.  I’m in the middle of the ‘baby boomer’ era anyway, so I could really care less what dates the baby-boomers are considered.

3.  This last one was kind of up my alley.  One article stated that, within the next 25 or 30 years, Canada’s population average age, will be closer to 100!  Encouraging news for someone like me, who wants to be 200!

But I digress…

A few days ago, I had almost hit an all time high number of readers on my blog.  On Monday, I had 80 people around the world read my blog.  I was ecstatic.  Tuesday, it had dropped to 70.  I was still reeling from the 80, but it was still wonderful to see!

I realize there are other blogs on the internet who have higher readership.  I also realize, that in a world of 6,000,000,000 people, 80 is hardly something to jump and down over.  However, when I look at my average readership per month over the last couple of years, and see that the average is steadily rising, it gives me the desire and impetus to continue writing.

Until Tuesday, my highest readership day was back in March of 2010.  I had had 84 people tap into my blogsite.  On Wednesday however, and I still have not understood the reasoning, I had over 100 readers!  Again, in a world population of over 6,000,000,000, 100 is hardly a spit in the ocean.  But it is encouraging for me.

In a previous blog, I had asked my readers, that if you had any ideas on what you would like me to write about, let me know.  I don’t mind doing searches on topics, as that is a way of learning.  I’m in no way, an expert on anything.  Well, maybe one or two things, but I’ll keep that to myself!

Topic change again… keep up folks!

A few blogs back, I had talked about a student of mine, who is showing signs of being a writer himself.  When I look over all the writings from all my students, his always sticks out in my mind.  He always has a bit of ‘twisted’ or ‘dark’ humour in his writings.  Where most of my students tend to write the same thing as their fellow classmates, he is very unique in his writing style.

I did post a copy of his writing on my blog.  For your reading enjoyment, I’d like to post another of his writings.  Again, please do not take offense to anything he writes.  It is all from his imagination.  The writing style is unique, and for me, a pleasure to read.

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket with my mom. We bought a lot of fruit and some clothes. I walked with my mother for about four hours! At least I bought some toys. I felt very happy yesterday. When my mom went to pay, she couldn’t find her money. She took her ATM card to the security guard. At home, I played with my toys and mom wore her clothes. It was a nice day.

I’m still trying to get him to write at least, a monthly article for me, that is a bit longer, that I could share with you on my blog.  I think he’s still a bit too shy, but that will change!

Oh, and by the way, in regards to the 200 things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, my list is only at 31 so far!  Perhaps I’ll have to put in some ‘unconventional’ or possibly, unattainable goals.  Why not?  They are my goals after all.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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