May 28, 2012

Sometimes, strange things happen.

I’ve been writing this blog for a couple of years now.  Well, actually, not really full years.  I wrote diligently for a year, and then things just got too busy, and a couple of issues happened, and I fell out of touch with my writing.  However, this year, I started up again.

WordPress added a fun tool for bloggers to keep track of how their blogs are doing.

The first thing I noticed is that I can see graphically, the number of people looking (and hopefully reading) my blog on a daily basis.  Back on March 2, 2011, apparently was the day the most number of people have read my blog – 84.  This was just about the time I was ‘slacking off’.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, the stats recorded 66 people.  Yesterday I got 80 people reading my blog.  Almost a record.

I started writing in February 2010.  Although the first entry wasn’t on February 1, it was not quite a full year of writing.  Nonetheless, during the year 2010, a grand total of 4,344 people.  During 2011 (my lazy year), that number had dropped to 1,649.  Considering I didn’t blog for a good portion of the year, I’m still surprised at the number.  This year, 2012, I began writing in March.

Since January 1 to May 27, there have now been 2,094 readers.

All these numbers are great.  Being an average guy, writing about my life in general, I’m kind of intrigued that so many people read my blog. And seeing the numbers increasing every day, encourages me to write more.  Although I must ask, I wonder what is so interesting.

Is it that my friends and family are just interested in what I’m doing and what life is like for me in Taiwan.  Is it that, perhaps my students are practicing their English.  Perhaps it’s just a random search on search engines that brings up my page.

Whatever the reasons people have to read my blog, it still gives me the push to continue writing.

The final thing that is relatively new for stats, is the display of the world and where around the world, people are reading my blog.  I mentioned this before.

Since I write in English, and am from Canada, I would expect that a majority of readers are from Canada.  Living in Taiwan, then it only goes without saying, that friends and students in Taiwan would want to read my blog once in a while.

However, when I start seeing countries like Pakistan, Russia, Armenia, Brazil (just to mention a few) popping up, I have to sit back and scratch my head.

It is wonderful to see that my blog is slowly, VERY slowly being read worldwide.  Although there may only be one reader in Tunisia, again, I have to ask, how did this reader find out about my blog?  The only answer I can think of is search engines.

Then again, I do publish my blog on various sites that accept blog writings.  I’m also signed onto a few social websites, and I publish the links to those as well.  So, as I try to get the blog out there, people around the world, who are members of these various sites, would look at the site, “… just because…”

Now comes another consideration.  Although it makes sense to write about what you know, write about your day, etc., is that what people really want to read?  Seriously, how many times can I possibly write about my cats, and have people genuinely interested in reading about them?  At some point, like last year, the topics of writing become fewer.  This is where you, the reader, come into play.

Often I’ve used a site called,  Everyday on this site, they ask a question.  They encourage people to write their answers.  Oftentimes, I’ve used these questions to write a blog entry.

One of the things I mentioned about this blog, is that I would rarely respond to comments.  I felt, and still feel, that the comments are for you, the reader.  Once or twice, I have responded to comments in the form of a new blog entry.

So, back to you!

On those days where, well, life is uninteresting, and I can’t think of anything to write about, I’d like to write something that would get you involved.

Suggest a topic or idea for me to write about.  The only thing is, I’d like to try to stay away from topics that are too obscure or controversial.  Although there are times when I do get into writing passionately about a certain issue of the day, i.e. whether Canada should do away with the one-cent piece, I do still try to argue both sides of an issue.

At the same time, I want to steer away from becoming a complaint blog.  Yes, I have written complaint blogs before (go back a couple of day re: KFC).

I must keep in mind, that not only are my readers are family and friends, but they are also students of mine.  Thus, another reason to keep the topics open and light.

I’d like to say thanks for reading my blog, and giving me the encouragement to continue writing.  My next goal, is to get up to 100 readers a day.  No sense in shooting for the moon yet.  That day will come.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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  1. high five and raspberries

    How about involving your students by having them make suggestions. I would love to see some of the places of interest you have visited.
    This is my son’s blog in case you are interested
    He and his wife are planning a coast to coast biking expedition for 2013

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