May 27, 2012

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get the renovating/decorating done!

When I first started this ‘project’, I thought it would be fun.  The apartment was not in the best of shape, what with all the old wallpaper, it was just blah.  I suppose I could have just moved in and called it quits, but then I wouldn’t have felt ‘at home’.

Since beginning, I’ve tried my hand at various things dealing with renovations.  First, obviously, was to get rid of the wallpaper.  Start from a blank canvas as it were.  This is when I discovered a few setbacks.  In some places, the wallpaper was not even stuck to the walls.  Instead, underneath the paper, the cement walls had started to turn to dust.  Cleaning off the dust, left some interesting pot-marking in the walls.  Luckily, the colours I’ve chosen for the walls has somewhat covered the deterioration, and hopefully, now is protecting the wall from further deterioration.

In other places, the wallpaper was actually covering up large holes.  Considering the holes were created to accommodate electrical work (outlets, light fixtures).  The walls as I said, are all made of concrete.  I’ve been able to ‘fix’ the problem, but for how long this will last, is anyone’s guess.  For now, the unnecessary holes have been patched over.  Perhaps in the future, these holes may become necessary again.

I’ve changed over a couple of light fixtures in the ceiling.  The existing lighting is fluorescent.  Sure, in some places fluorescent lighting is great, due to it’s brightness.  However, there are some places where it’s just TOO bright.  As well, the fixtures are basic fixtures one would find in classrooms, hallways, or storage warehouses.  I’m accustomed to a bit more subdued lighting – a little more warmth.

Taking out the old fixtures, installing new fixtures, and then creating the shades for the lighting.  I did make a long light fixture to be installed along the ceiling, but unfortunately, my kids (aka cats) had fun one night, and literally destroyed this creation.  It was unfortunate, but what’s done is done.

Now I’m in the midst of creating a headboard of sorts.  This unit will be placed on two tables on each side of the bed.  The sides will contain shelving and space to put a few clothing items, while the cross section will be storage for bedsheets and pillowcases.  This is still a work in progress.  I’ve already cut the pieces, and am working on putting it all together.  Then paint it, install it, and voila.  I figure it’s about 20% complete.

I’ve painted murals and reproduced other works of art on the walls as decorating.  Very time consuming, but the results have been incredible.  I know it will still be a while before everything is complete.  There is another task I want to do, but I have a feeling, I’ll be doing one of two things.  The first being upholstering.

The sofa, loveseat, and armchair for the living room, I’ve had for several years.  They are quite comfortable, and I would feel terrible having to throw them out.  The only problem is, the cats like them as well.  Over the years, they’ve used the armrests and top of the units as claw sharpeners.  It was suggested that I could either have the cats declawed (NOT an option), make a slipcover of sorts to be put on when guests are over, or have them re-upholstered.

Several years ago in Ottawa, I did re-upholster a sofa unit.  As it was my first attempt, it did work out okay, but not great.  It did however last for a long time, before out of necessity, the sofa was eventually discarded.

My other option is to create a new sofa.  Good in theory, difficult in practice.  I’ve tossed around the idea of removing all the material, and start from scratch.  I would already have the ‘skeleton’ of a sofa, so it would be a matter of redesign using the existing skeleton.  That way, I could possibly salvage a lot of the material that is still usable.  As this is still a long way off, and it’s not an immediate priority, it’s still just a thought.

There is still a bit of painting to be completed.  I need to pick up a couple more cans of paint, but that will have to wait for a couple more weeks.  The bedroom is the next priority to complete.  Oh, and the ‘cat room’.

Unfortunately, it still seems that I haven’t truly moved in yet!  I know it sounds crazy, but with the apartment still in a state of disarray, it looks more like I’ve just moved in!  Just being persistent and accomplishing one task at a time, it will get done.  I’m looking forward to that day, when I can call a cleaning person to come in, do the once over REALLY well, have everything in its place, and have my friends and colleagues over for a ‘house warming’.

It will happen!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!



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3 responses to “May 27, 2012

  1. high five and raspberries

    Easy slipcover fix : Find some material you like. Drape it over the furniture inside out. Use pins to form it into proper shape. Remove, sew, turn right side out.voila..fitted slipcover!

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