May 23, 2012

Well, the competition for The French Job team in Antibes, France, is now over.

Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky winners.

All the hype and anticipation I had during this time, is subsiding.  It’s not really a loss, since there was nothing really invested of myself, except trying to promote myself.  I felt good about how I promoted myself, got the word out, did research, and as the final step, answering the questionnaire required.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a bit disappointed.  During the competition period, there were a few glitches that occurred, but were straightened out.  As with the other nine in my category, they would probably feel the same as I – how could they not choose me?

Okay, time to sit back and relax, and wish the winners a great time.  I will still follow the attempt of Sebastien Murat and his world record attempt, but probably not with the same zeal as I would have had reporting on it.  I will though, be keeping an eagle eye on the winner of the English Blogger and her website.  I want to see how she reports on this potential, historic event.

I’ve looked through all the applicants in all the categories.  Yes, that is 352 applicants in total.  I’m not sure what criteria the promoters used to choose the winners, but I’m sure they are comfortable with their choices.  One interesting note though, the person who did win the English Blogger position, also applied as Video Blogger.  I find that a bit strange, since I also tried to apply for two positions – English Blogger and Personal Assistant.

The first application was filled in and submitted, and upon trying to apply for the Assistant position, a message came across my computer screen indicating that I had already applied for a position, and therefore, was not able to apply for a second position.  It is also interesting to note, that this person was the ONLY person who applied for two positions on the team.

Oh well.  Life gets back to normal.  In the next few weeks, it will be fun and interesting to see how Sebastien’s attempt fairs, and how the information is dispersed.  And my schools don’t have to panic now, as I won’t be leaving!

I suppose it is a blessing in disguise.  Although this would have been an incredible opportunity (to say the least), as well as a great addition to my resume, it is not to be.  I do have another major project in the works for the summer.  The Giraffe National Story Telling Competition.

Our school has five students competing this year.  The only times available for the students to practice, are after classes (after about 9pm) through the week, as well as Saturdays and perhaps Sundays, if necessary.  It will mean very little time to work on the apartment, but that also has a bit of change as well.

As much as I would have liked to have gotten away for a couple of weeks, I know my manager must have been secretly hoping that I wouldn’t.  Training and helping these students to tell the best story possible, is a tiresome project – not only for us as the teachers, but for the students as well.

We only have about 5 weeks to get these students prepared for the regional competition.  That may seem like a lot of time, but it really isn’t.  Once the regionals are completed, then we have about the same amount of time to prepare for the nationals.

If I recollect properly, last year our students did very well overall.  I believe three of the four students won in their respective categories.  This year, I really want to see all the students do well.  I want each of our five students to win.  I’m not sure whether in years past, whether our school has accomplished this goal.  I’m not sure whether ANY school has accomplished that goal.

So, now that my competition is over, it is time for me to get back to reality, so-to-speak.  Time for me to help my students accomplish their goal, not only for themselves, but for our school as well.  Our school must have a very good reputation with the Giraffe corporation for story telling, and I am on a mission to make this year, a momentous year in Giraffe’s 25th year.

As a final note, I really want to say thank you to everyone who voted and encouraged my application for The French Job.  It was a fun time for a month.  I should also give congratulations to the people who did win their respective positions – Stuart Watt (Video Blogger), Denea Buckingham (English Blogger), Maria Kalinicheva (Russian Blogger), Jun Hao Hung (German Blogger), Monte Kingstone (Personal Assistant), Hun Xueyuan (Chinese Blogger), Evgenij Kitkin (WordPress Expert), and Igor Petrovic (Pool Boy).  Have a great time, and the world will be watching!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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  1. Jessica

    Hello! I was interested in applying for an English teaching job with this company in China, how is the company? Are they good to work for? Have you heard anything about the schools in Shanghai? I just wanna make sure it’s a great school before I commit to anything, so your opinion or information would be a great help. Thanks!

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