May 21, 2012

The rain has stopped.

After almost a week of rainy days, and two days of REALLY heavy rain, it’s stopped.  It’s fun while it happens, and definitely needed, but it’s equally as nice when it finally stops.  It’s been a while since Tainan has seen rain as heavy as it’s been these past couple of days.  Not typhoon, just rain.

I was woken up around 4:30am a couple of mornings ago but the lightning and thunder.  I wanted to photograph some of the bursts of lightning, but since it was still dark, and with the cloud cover, it still would have been too dark to really get any images.  Besides that, the lightning was obviously between the cloud layers, so it was just flashes.  Trying to get any good shots was also impaired by the fact that the roof on my new place is completely covered over.  Oh well.

The roof here did get a bit of rain, as the roof does have a few leaks.  It’s only the roof, so no big deal anyway.  After the rain had stopped, it didn’t seem to take very long for the water to go away.  Even as I looked around my neighbourhood, if it weren’t for the occasional puddles and drops of rain on car windows, one would think we just had a light shower.  Others didn’t fare so well.

Friends of mine on Facebook have been posting pictures of various areas around, and some places really got hit with the rain!

Looking at these few photos (and I want to say thank you for uploading them to Facebook), I realize that we got off a bit lucky in my neighbourhood.  Then again, I’m on the 4th floor of my building, so I wouldn’t have been too affected by this anyway.  Besides that, I don’t make it a habit of driving in truly horrible weather, unless absolutely necessary.

So here we are Monday morning again.  I don’t understand how the days zip by!

I’ve got the morning off, so I decided to at least set up my bedroom.  The first setting up was a bit awkward.  I have a couple of bookshelves that are only 2 sections high.  They are the exact height of the bed.  The way the room was set up, I would not be able to use these shelves.  Besides that, I’m creating a cabinet/headboard/storage unit for the bed.  It incorporates these two shelves as the base on each side.  So, it means rearranging the bedroom.

At the same time, I want to put the darn air conditioner in.  The days and nights are definitely getting warmer, and with the rain and 100% humidity this past week, sleeping has not been comfortable nor restful.  So, I just had to muster up all the muscle I got, and put the air conditioner in myself.

In Taiwan, there is a ‘window’ of sorts that is specifically for air conditioners.  They’re built into the buildings themselves.  There is also a ledge for the air conditioner to sit on.  The only thing is, it not at a convenient level.  The window is about 5ft off the floor!  Yeah.  How to lift an air conditioner over my head!!

After a bit of thinking, and making sure the ladder was extremely steady, and slowly, step-by-step, I finally managed to get the unit onto the shelve without any damage to me, the walls, or the cats!  Now, these units have been unplugged and sitting in my apartment for over 5 months now.  Closer to 6.

Once I replaced the front panel, and plugged it in, low and behold, it kicked right in!  And to my wondrous delight, cool fresh air was now being blown into my bedroom!  Ahhh…  The only thing left is to seal the gaps around the air conditioner itself.  I thought I had measured it properly, but I didn’t!  Before putting the unit in, I had to clean up around the opening.  Someone had intelligently installed wood around the opening.  Once I started to clean it, the ‘wood’, if I can loosely use that term, basically fell into sawdust.  It was old, and had at one time, been invaded by termites.  I suppose, due to the very little bit of actual wood that was left, the little creatures had long ago vacated the premises.  So the opening is a little bit larger than I had measured for.  That’s okay.  I have lots more material to reseal the opening.  For now though, cool air!  I’m gonna get me a good night’s sleep tonight!

So, off to classes, and then enjoy my cool evening.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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