May 20, 2012

That’s it!  The call for applications has expired, and all voting (I assume) is complete.  The only thing left now is to await a response.

It has definitely been a fun experience.  Although there have been over 300 applicants, almost 1/4 of those applicants have chosen to apply for English Blogger.  I suppose I should be thankful that I applied early in the competition process.  Not as early as others, but my application has been online for 22 days.  I’m also happy that I have many friends who voted for me, as well as others whom I don’t know.  Thanks to everyone who did take the time to vote for me as English Blogger.

A recap of what is being offered.  For two weeks, beginning June 2 and ending June 16, 2012, there will be eight people chosen – one from each of the eight categories (Video Blogger, English Blogger, Russian Blogger, Chinese Blogger, German Blogger, Personal Assistant, WordPress Expert, and Pool Boy), will be flown to the south of France to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event and record and post it to the Internet.

This event is the attempt by deep-sea diver, Sebastien Murat, to break the present world record at deep-sea diving.  He will attempt to plunge 703ft into the water, unassisted by any breathing apparatus.  A weight will be attached to him, to pull him down.  Once he gets to his target depth, the weight will be released, and he will be brought back to the surface.  According to the information available on the Internet, this process will take approximately 8 minutes.  Perhaps the longest 8 minutes of Sebastien’s life.

The ‘staff’ will stay in a villa on the Cote d’Azur area of France, in or around Antibes.  This area is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  As well, the promoter of this world record attempt, Maurice Lacroix, a Swiss watch manufacturer, will present each member of the ‘staff’ with a new Ponto S diving chronograph watch.

I have learned a lot about this world record attempt.  Until I started researching exactly what Sebastien Murat was attempting, I never knew that anyone could possibly reach such depths in the water.  I have since learnt that there have been many attempts over the years.  In fact, Sebastien Murat tried for this same record in 2004, but due to technical problems with the rigging to get him down and back up, he decided to abandon the attempt.  When ultimately it’s one’s life that is at risk, it was a prudent decision.

I am positive that everyone competing feels that she or he has the qualifications and desire to witness this event.  I am no different.  The promoters have a great task ahead of them, in deciding the final winner in each category.

I have been writing my blog in English for about 2 years.  Presently, I am averaging about 600 readers a week, in over 30 countries around the world.  I have been teaching English in Taiwan, and feel that this adventure will be a boost to my career and my blog.  My students will also benefit greatly by this.

Many of my teachers have agreed to keep the students informed of my time in France (should I be the English Blogger), through my blog.  As it is, many of my students are already taking an active part in this process.  They ask questions, tell me about my ranking, and just seem overall interested.  Through my writing, they will be able to witness something very unique – a world record being set.

Knowing that my blog is being read in so many countries around the world, is also of great benefit, not only to me as a ‘blogger’, but to Sebastien Murat.  As people read the blog entries, they will pass the word on to others.  Readers will be able to read and see photos on my blog of the process Sebastien will go through to break this record.  As more coverage of this event is publicized in newspapers and television, readership on the blog should also increase.

As much as this will seem like a holiday, it is still a ‘working’ holiday.  Sure, it means a couple of weeks aways from my work here in Taiwan, but I will prove my abilities and worthiness by documenting every step of this world record attempt.

Although I do hope that I am chosen as English Blogger, the promoter will make the final decision.  However, I will still follow Sebastien Murat’s attempt, no matter who is chosen.  I will still let my readers know, through my blog, what the English Blogger has written.

Good luck to all those who did enter this competition.  And to the chosen winners in each category – I hope to see you in France in a couple of weeks…

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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  1. An official Guinness World Record adjudicator will be present for the world record attempt. An announcement will be made immediately following the attempt as to the success of breaking the world record.

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