May 19, 2012

Well, here we are!  The countdown begins.  Less than one day until THE FRENCH JOB closes applications and voting.  So, while I’m busy continuing my renovations, I’ll be counting down hours in my head.  I’ll fall asleep tonight knowing that at 8am tomorrow morning (my time), that’s it.  Then waiting patiently to hear if I should start packing!!

Win or no win, it has been fun taking part in this competition.  I’ve posted links to every social site I’m signed on to, I’ve posted links in my blogs, I’ve done my research on Sebastien Murat and the area of France where the event will take place.  The only thing left now, is to wait.

Looking over the rankings on THE FRENCH JOB website today, I have noticed that there have been 349 applications for the 8 positions available.  My ranking is still on the first page, however, over the competition period, I have dropped from 16th to 24th position in terms of numbers of votes overall.  In my category, English Blogger, I have maintained my position 6 for the better part of the competition period.

I think the most surprising aspect of this competition for me, is that, not only have I shared the information with my students and fellow teachers, but more that the students are taking an active role.  When I walked into various classes this week, students would ask me how many votes I had, or what position I was in.  They asked questions about the location (Antibes, France).  I was able to, through the Internet, show them pictures of the area.

What is equally as surprising, is that they are understanding and listening.  Of course, we still have our regular work to get done, but it is fun to see and hear the students getting involved and conversing in English.  Should I be fortunate enough to go on this adventure, I expect the readership of my blog to increase in Taiwan dramatically.  I am already ‘lesson planning’ in my head, what I will ask the students to do upon my return.

So, if you haven’t voted yet, there is still time.  If you are a Facebook friend of mine, and declined the ‘invitation’, you can still vote.  It only takes a moment by tapping this link.  It will open a new window, take you directly to my video and bio.  Simply tap the VOTE option, and you’re done.

You know, if it wasn’t for the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau’s website, (, these past couple of days I would have thought we were in the midst of a typhoon.  Then again, I would have thought more about it and realized that the wind was not strong enough, and it’s lasted too long.  Usually a typhoon comes in with very strong winds, lots of rain, but doesn’t last for a long time.  We’re now into about 3 days of rainy days.  Actually, more like over a week.  Rainy nights and somewhat calm days, but the rain has been here almost every day for the past week.

Toward the later part of the night, the rain really started to come down.  At times, just the sound of the falling rain was almost unbearable.  Fun to watch, great for cleaning the streets, and with the lightning, great for putting those ions in the air.  The thing about having such a long time of rainy, muggy, humid weather, is that everything seems to be always wet.  Well, not so much wet, as damp. The most difficult for me, is trying to get to sleep at night.  My pillows and bed feel damp, and the sound of the rain and the crash of thunder makes for restless nights.  Not just for me, but for the kids (aka cats) as well.

If you go to this link (RAIN), and look for the time index, 2012/05/20  03:40, you will see a red blob toward the south of Taiwan.  That red blob is where Tainan is located.  Somewhere around 3:30am, there was a crash of lightening that woke me from the dead!  Of course, it woke the kids as well.  Now everyone was up.  It was fantastic though!

The lightning show, the crashes of thunder, the heavy (and I mean HEAVY) rain was like nothing I’ve seen for a while.  Just the sound of the falling rain was so loud, I literally could not hear myself think.  I decided to head up to the roof and see if I could capture some of the flashes on camera.  I filmed for about 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, because of the cloud cover, I couldn’t see or capture individual lightening bolts, so all that is on the video is just white flashes of light.

I would have uploaded it to YouTube, but since there’s nothing really to see, and for the most part, it is just darkness with a lot of noise from the rain, it doesn’t make any sense.

I suppose, like always, the rain will eventually stop.  Then, part way through the summer months, everyone will be wishing it would rain.  Such is life and Mama Nature!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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