May 15, 2012


Tuesday, and I’m counting down the days.  Only about 5 days left to get your votes in.  Five more days of waiting patiently.

Now, I’m about half-way through getting the bedroom done.  I’ve gone over and over in my head, what I want to do.  I’ve only got a few choices of colour, because I really don’t want to go out and buy more paint.  I want to use what I have left over from the rest of the place.  So, my options are a bit limited, but still have potential.

The thing I like about Tuesdays (and Thursdays), is that I have the morning and most of the early afternoon.  By about 3pm, I have to start getting ready for work for the late afternoon and evening.  Having the morning and early afternoon off, means I can get a lot of little things done around the house.

Now that I have the walls ‘somewhat’ painted, with a bit of trimming here and there, that means I can set up the bed at least.  The cats seem a bit excited, except for Cornelia.  Once I had the bed set up, she got on it with me, and started meowing.  Not a normal, happy meow – more of a, “What are you doing?  I thought the bedroom was the other room?  Where am I going to sleep?” attitude.  I think I’ve lived with cats too long!

Today was also a really hot day.  I need to get the air conditioners installed.  I’m waiting until after The French Job competition has closed, before making any decisions.  I mean really, if I do get the position for a couple of weeks, I don’t really need the air conditioning in the apartment while I’m gone.  Sure, I could be a good guy and leave it running for 24 hours a day for 14 days or so, but I think my electrical bill would be staggering.  It’s bad enough as it is!

Now that the bedroom is basically ready, I can have the window units put in.  I don’t really need to get the installers to come in for that.  I just need someone else with a bit of arm power to help lift it into place.  Once in the window – cool nights of sleep will come again!

While I was settling down for my evening nap (I call it that, because I don’t really believe that I ‘sleep’), Ignatius and Qadan were having a bit of fun.  It seems that the two of them have bonded in some way.  Ignatius is the baby boy, and Qadan is the baby girl.  Ignatius is about 2 or 3 years old now, whereas Qadan is only about 4 or 5 months.  However, she has absolutely no fear.  I guess, living in a house a with five other big cats, it’s either hunt or be hunted – survive or perish – fear or no fear.

Ignatius seems to be okay with her though.  The two of them wrestle around, and as I noticed, Qadan is using her claws a lot less now.  But she is a naughty girl though.  She hides in shadows, and just as Ignatius turns his sight away, she attacks him!  She hold herself up as if she was the head of the house.  She will walk around Ignatius, who tends to take a more subordinate role, laying on his side or back, and then she pounces on him.  There is no growling, or yelping, or meowing, so I know everything is okay.  But it is fun to watch them.  I tried to snap a few pictures and video’d them for a few minutes.  It’s posted on Youtube, so the here is the link:

Now, before the story tellers begin their practices, I had to grab May and get her to read her story for me.  The story she has chosen, takes ME about 4 minutes to read.  She has to be able to read it within 3 1/2 minutes (MAX).  I want her to get it down to 3 minutes, so as to allow for actions she will be performing as well.

The couple of readings she did for me, took her almost 4 1/2 minutes.  A lot needs to be cut, and at the same time, she needs to pick up her pace – just a little.  Removing (aka editing) 1/3 of the story, will be difficult.  I can do it, it’s just whether I can do in a way to keep the integrity of the story, and still have it make sense.

Homework.  Never seems to end.  Anyone who dares think that teachers have an easy job, I will challenge them to that thinking any day.  I am only a foreign language teacher… I can almost imagine what the local teachers working days are like!  And quite frankly, I have a much better appreciation for the teachers that I put through hell, when I was growing up.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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