May 13, 2012

As much as I love the weekends, I hate them as well.  They go by so fast.

I think it has a lot to do with daytime/nighttime hours.  In Canada, because we are farther north, daylight hours in the summer are longer.  The days ‘seem’ longer, and thus, the days tend to go by a little slower than they do here in Taiwan.

Taiwan is much farther south, so the difference between daytime/nighttime hours is minimal from summer to winter.  Daytime in the summer is about 13 hours, and in the winter, about 11 hours.  Summer – winter – terms that are used in Canada, but don’t really apply here.  To me, there is summer and fall.  At least, if you consider the temperatures, then these are the seasons in Taiwan.

It could also be due to the fact that I don’t have many classes on the weekends this year.  In past years, I did have up to six classes on the weekends – Sundays included.  This year, I only have one class.  I end up sleeping in on Saturdays, do my typical morning routine – feed the kids, make the coffee – putz around on Facebook, then off to Giraffe for a class.  By the time I get home, its late afternoon, ‘night’ arrives around 6:30pm or so now, and the next thing I know, bedtime, and then it’s Sunday.

The other thing that makes the weekend zip by is that I am renovating the apartment.  Yes, I am STILL doing that.  Had I had more time before moving in here, I could have done all the basic painting, and left the ‘decorating’ to now.  However, that is all hindsight.  The fact is, I have to work around furnishings and cats now.

I am getting nearer to the finish line though.  All the basic painting is complete, except for one room – my future bedroom.  I’ve been going through my mind how I want this room to look.  Although the dining room and living room have amazing decorating, my bedroom, I feel, should be the masterpiece.

Coincidentally, this room also required the most amount of preparation.  As with the other rooms, wallpaper was on all the walls AND ceiling.  All this had to be removed before any painting was to begin.  The only problem now – once the wallpaper was removed, I found that the walls were actually in a grave state.  Holes in the walls, chunks falling out, furrows chopped out of the cement walls to accommodate old wiring and fixtures and outlets that are no longer connected.  Rusty old fixtures and electrical boxes covered over time and never having been removed.  How long all this has been covered over is anyone’s guess.

I have attempted to repair these problems as best I can.  I don’t believe for a moment that the repair work will last for too many years.  I do have a lease on this apartment for at least the next three years though.  During that time, I can re-repair where necessary, and when the day arrives that I leave this apartment or Taiwan, the next occupant will probably slap their own decorating ideas over mine, so it won’t matter.

I tend to be ‘anal’ when it comes to the painting though.  I want it to be perfect – or at least as perfect as I can make it.  I take my time, making sure to cover every little piece of the wall that requires the paint.  Yes, it’s tedious, but I want it to be incredible once complete.

I think the cats are excited by all this work as well.  All the while I’m painting, the six of them are in the same room as I am working.  It’s interesting having an audience, however, I wish there was some way I could teach them to pick up a brush and help!  Qadan and Gabriel seem to like to help though.  Once I finish painting the lower parts of the walls, for some odd reason, they decide to rub up against it!  The first colour a few weeks ago, was a blue.  Qadan had so much blue over her body, she could have joined the Blue Man Group!  I was able to get most of the paint off her.  Thank goodness the paint is a water-base paint, and not toxic.  The next colour, last weekend, was white.  Today, it’s green.  Maybe she just doesn’t like her own natural fur colouring!

So, the work goes on.  There is no hurry.  I’m not being paid to complete it.  I’ve been granted the right to decorate as I want.  Since I will be in this apartment for a few years, of course I want it to be a reflection of me, and I want to enjoy the final result for those years.  Besides, it keeps me busy, it keeps me active, it keeps me out of trouble!

And now, back to another item that’s been on my brain and occupying a lot of my time.  The French Job.

There are just a little over 7 days before the voting ( ends.  May 20th, is the deadline.  For us here in Taiwan, that is about 8am on May 21st.  I am still in 6th position for the English Blogger category.  I’ve refrained from too much hype, or at least, as best I can.  I’ve been researching Sebastien Murat and his attempt at a world record.

I’ve researched the promoter (Maurice Lacroix), looked at other websites and blogs where Sebastien Murat has been mentioned.  Now, I just have to prepare myself for an interview.  Yes, I know it is premature, but, better to be prepared, than not.  In each category of the ‘team’, 10 people will be chosen, and I expect, interviews via telephone will be done.  How else will they be able to contact people from all over the world.  Of those 10 people, one person will be chosen to join the ‘team’.

Preparation is paramount.  No matter the outcome, it has been really fun competing with others from around the world.  Every so often, we enter contests.  Depending on the target audience of the contest, dictates how we respond to it.

If it’s a contest that is very local (city, school), we tend to follow it very closely.  A national contest, or among many schools, we tend to take it lightly, and not worry one way or the other.  A world-wide contest, is more of a gamble.  These types of contests, for the most part, we enter more for the fun of it.  Our chances of winning are slim at best.  To me though, this one has taken on more of a ‘local’ feel.  It is more than just submitting your name and hoping it will be drawn.

I think the promoters have a great task ahead of them.  Choosing that one person who is ‘just right’ for the position, is an awesome task.  I just hope that I can show them, that I am that ‘just right’ person!

VOTE NOW!  Thank you.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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