May 12, 2012

I guess the kids are all taking a break today!  I did have a few of the contenders for the story telling competition ask me to help them out.  As I was one of the judges, I could not help them.  I (as well as the manager, Janice) agreed that, if I did help one, I would have to help all of the students in that category.  If one didn’t want the help, then unfortunately, none got help from me.  A few did seek out the assistance of their teachers and Janice.  That’s fine.  None of them are judges.

Now that Saturday has arrived, and we know who the five representatives in the Regional Competition are going to be, any of them can call upon me to assist them.  I am not a judge for the regionals, as I am one of the teachers of the competitors.  So, I suppose everyone is taking a break this weekend, knowing that the next four or five weeks and weekends are going to be practice, practice, practice!

I still have a few tasks to complete.  Like a broken record, classes, lesson planning, laundry, painting, and I should also prepare myself for an interview, just in case I am one of the chosen and hopefully, winner of the English Blogger position following Sebastien Murat’s world record attempt at free diving.

I thought today, I could write about the promoter of Seb’s event, Maurice Lacroix – Manufacture Horlogère Suisse.

In 1961, the Maurice Lacroix brand was established by the parent company, Desco von Schulthess Holding AG.  It wasn’t until the early 1970’s, that the name Maurice Lacroix was introduced further into Europe.  By the 1980’s, the Maurice Lacroix name was well established.  During this time, a distribution company was established in Germany.  The brand name was introduced further into Europe – Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Great Britain – as well as Australia.  The company continued to expand its distribution network to the world.

By the 1990’s, their distribution network had expanded into a world-wide network, including the Far East, the South Pacific, the Near East, and the Middle East.  The Maurice Lacroix name was now truly an internationally recognized manufacturer of quality timepieces.  By the mid-90’s, Maurice Lacroix had it’s foot into the North American market, establishing itself in the United States.

Since the beginning of the new century, Maurice Lacroix has become and independent legal entity, and no longer a division of Desco von Schulthess Holding AG.  The official name is now, Maurice Lacroix S.A.  During the following years, a subsidiary was founded in Great Britain, and DKSH, a Market Expansion Service Provider, with emphasis on the Asian markets, took a majority share of Maurice Lacroix S.A. and has been since establishing the brand Maurice Lacroix in Asia.

This year, with the launch of Maurice Lacroix S.A.’s newest model of watches, the Ponto S, the company, together with Sebastien Murat, have been the promoter of Sebastien’s world record attempt at a dive of 703ft below sea level, in June 2012.

I have looked over the Maurice Lacroix website, and searched the Internet for sample pictures of some of the watches the company has been producing since the early 60’s.  These images have been searched and collected from the Internet.  I do not, in any way, take ownership of these pictures.  There are many images on Yahoo and Google of the Maurice Lacroix brand name, and I only attached these few, to give an example of some of the incredible beauty of these timepieces.  I could not find any individual images of the Ponto S watch on the Internet, however, if you want to see images, please visit the Maurice Lacroix website at this address:  PONTO S








After you’ve visited their site, perhaps you could go back to the The French Job website and vote for me.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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