May 8, 2012

Sometimes, things really blow me away!

For anyone who has a blog on, you know that you have ‘administrative’ features.  These features allow you to see where your blog is being read, how many people look at your blog, approving/disapproving comments, etc.  One of the other features, which I occasionally look at, is ‘TOP SEARCHES’.  This shows what search parameters people are looking for, when reading my blog entries.

Now, I’m from Canada.  Big surprise.  I live in Taiwan.  Another eye-opener!  I write about my cats, my family, my life…  Anyone searching information or previous information on my blogs, I would expect they would search such things as:  Canada, Taiwan, English, Teacher, Ontario…  These would be typical searches.  In recent days, perhaps searches about ENGLISH BLOGGER or FRANCE or SEBASTIEN MURAT might be on the list.

Consider my surprise when the top searches on my blog are ELIZABETH EASTMAN and NOVA SCOTIA!

Now, let’s look at these items.  Nova Scotia.  A couple of years ago, I visited my best friend, Gary, in Nova Scotia for four days.  We drove through the Cabot Trail and spent 3 nights camping out and touring the area.  It was, by far, an incredible and fun time.  I had never seen the Cabot Trail and in fact, had never been any further east than Quebec City in my lifetime.  So going to Nova Scotia was opening up my world map.  It was also so much fun to spend time with a great friend – and his dog, Trixie!

Elizabeth Eastman, I must admit, is not so much a friend, as an acquaintance.  Several years ago, when I was living in Ottawa, I worked for a short period of time, for the same company that Gary worked with.  One of the office workers was Elizabeth.  I think I may have met her once or twice, but not that often.  As it turns out, Gary and Elizabeth are great friends.  They have been for years, and are still friends today.  I suppose with Gary’s ‘recommendation’ (?), Elizabeth and I became Facebook friends.

Again, I don’t really know her, or her life, but she is a good friend of my best friend, so vicariously, she is also becoming a good friend of mine.  She was also one of the first people to vote for me to win the competition to France as English Blogger to Sebastien Murat’s world record attempt at deep-sea free diving in June (  Someone who knows me, through someone else, has helped in passing on my link and helped in my attempt to win this competition.  What a wonderful person!

So I think, Elizabeth, there are a lot more people out there, who are reading my blog, who want to know you!  Who want to know more about what I write about you!  I must say, all I really have to say is, she is a wonderful person, and if she is a good friend of Gary’s, then she must be an incredible person.  I can’t wait until the day I get to meet her in person again.

Since this competition has begun, I’ve been paying more attention to where in the world, my blog is being read.  Again, I am amazed at the countries, not so much the numbers, but the countries where people are reading my blog.  This blog site,, provides the most interesting information to the owner of the blog.  Being able to see that my blog is read around the world, is a boost to wanting to continue writing this blog.

Here are some of the countries where people are reading:  Canada, United States, Taiwan, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Cambodia, Lebanon, Greece, Guam, Netherlands…  Some of these countries are obvious to me, since I have some connection to them.  Others are a mystery.  A cool and fun mystery, but a mystery nonetheless.

With over 280 countries around the world, and over 6,000,000,000 people, this may not seem like a lot.  But to someone who writes about life and family, likes and dislikes, cats, friends, trips – it is incredible.  It also reinforces in me that, should I be chosen and ultimately win this competition to write about Sebastien Murat’s world record attempt, I know that my blog already has a head start in touching the world.  I would like to hope that, with these readers around the world, that the message will get out to a lot more people, and boost Sebastien’s name on the world at large.

And speaking of Sebastien, I came across a video on about Sebastien himself.  It’s about 10 minutes in length, and gives a little more information about who he is and what he is attempting to accomplish.  It will certainly be an honour for anyone who wins the positions at THE FRENCH JOB ( to be able to follow Sebastien and be a part of history in the making.  And I must admit, unabashedly, that I hope I am one of those people!  What a thrill it would be.  Here is the link to Sebastien’s video on (


That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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