May 6, 2012

14 more days!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the voting.  I realize that the numbers of votes are not the sole determination of the winner.  The voting is to determination the first part, that being who the top ten people will be, and then from those ten, one will be chosen.  As long as I can stay in the top ten, that is fine by me.  It would certainly be wonderful to be the ultimate winner in my category, but I’m still keeping my feet on the ground yet maintaining my optimism.  (

So I spent the day painting again.  You know, I’ve done enough painting now, and the place is really coming along wonderfully.  Slow, but really nice.  If anyone has ever done painting, I’d like to know what you find the most difficult part of painting is?

For me, it has to be the ceiling!  Yes, I have a roller, and a flat brush, but man it is so hard.  When you paint the walls, if a bit of paint drips, it usually is okay because the whole wall will be that colour.  The problem with the ceiling, a bit of paint drips, and where does it go?  DOWN!  On top of your head, on the floor, perhaps on some uncovered furniture…

I was wanting to do something special with the ceilings, but my imagination has limitations.  As much as it would be fun to paint clouds or make it look like you’re staring up through a jungle, I decided to limit it to white.  No need to go overboard.  Besides, I think Gary would strangle me through the Internet!

So, things are slowly getting there.  There is still a bit of ‘decorating’ to do with the living room.  I’m still mulling over the final look, but I know what I want to do.  It’s just a matter of visualizing it, creating the look, and finishing it.  But no hurry.  The room I really want to get finished is the bedroom.  Right now, there is a lot of furniture in that room, that definitely needs to be moved.

It’s a juggling act right now.  In order to move the furnishings out of the bedroom that don’t belong, I need to finish the other rooms.  Now that the other rooms are basically done, not the moving can take place.  But I can’t set it up in it’s final spots, because I need to take EVERYTHING out of the bedroom. For that, I need to use space in the other rooms.  Nuts!

Once the walls are completed, ceiling painted, and the floors cleaned in the bedroom, then the final moving.  The funny thing is though, I still haven’t quite decided what to do with the walls.  I have paintings that I’ve created, and yes, they are going up.  It’s the base that I’m still mulling over.  Originally, I had wanted to give it a stone look.  I still think it would look great, but a stone look with water-colour paintings … I don’t think so.  I’ve also thought about sponging, but I think it would clash too much with the paintings.  I’ll have to keep looking for ideas.  I don’t want it to be the same as any other room.

I also took a bit of a time out today – literally!  I suddenly had an urge for non-Taiwan food.  The only place I know to get something non-Taiwanese.  That being Mitsukoshi Department store on Shimen Road.  I’m sure there are other places (besides restaurants), but I’m familiar with this department store.

There is a deli on the B2 level that sells cold cuts.  For those unfamiliar with this term, it refers to processed meats that are sliced primarily for use in sandwiches.  In particular, it is the only place in Tainan that I’ve found, that sells salami!  Yes, honest to goodness, peppery, salami!

Salami may not be the best of the processed meats to consume, but every once in a while…  There is also a mini-supermarket on that level as well.  Now, shopping at Mitsukoshi is not something I do often.  I find that, although there are well-known designer boutiques and it is also a place where I can find some items that I could get in Canada, the prices are, well, far from cheap!

I found some Dijon mustard and French’s mustard, two items that I don’t usually see in the Taiwan grocery stores.  For some reason, mustard is just not something that Taiwan people consume.  Most people I’ve spoken to, have no idea what mustard is!

Then as I was walking down one of the aisles, something caught my eye.  Pretzels.  Okay, now, I’m not a big consumer of pretzels at the best of times.  However, one of my classes is using a book, learning not just the letters of the alphabet, but words as well.  Sometimes, the words for the letters are really foreign to these kids.  Partly because, some of the things pictured are not available in Taiwan, don’t grow in Taiwan, aren’t found in Taiwan, and it’s hard to get a translation.

That was the case with PRETZELS.  Now, I’m sure there is someone here that knows a translation for pretzel, but the teacher in the class, and the electronic translator, had no Chinese word for pretzel.  I told the kids not to worry, because chances are, they wouldn’t ever see one anywhere around here anyway.

How fortunate that I was able to find a bag!  Now I can treat the kids on Monday to a pretzel or two.  They probably won’t like them, but they will certainly eat them!  This will probably be their first and only look and taste of a pretzel.  Something we in North America can obtain very easily, and yet here in Taiwan, you must go to a specialty shop and pay almost twice the price for a bit of pleasure from home.

Happy munching kids!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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