May 3, 2012

G’day, y’all!

Well, I’m right into the thick of things as they say, with this competition to France.  I’ve promoted myself on Facebook, Twitter, and through my blog.  Like I said before, the promotion must begin from oneself.  I’m actually becoming very excited about this competition.

Until now, I’ve refrained from looking at others profiles.  They are my competitors so-to-speak, and (haha) why would I want to encourage them to go further with more votes?  I’ve noticed though, that there seems to be something strange happening.  I’ve talked it over with a friend of mine, and he decided to write to the promoters of the competition for clarification.

When I started to look over some of the other profiles, I noticed that some people didn’t really seem to be taking this seriously.  I suppose, when you think about it logically, entering a contest from the Internet – how ‘real’ could it possibly be?  I did my research, looked over the promoter’s website, got information on Sebastien Murat, and read through the rules and regulations.  Since there is no cost to me directly, except for time in self-promotion of more votes, it all seems legitimate.  I agree that there are a lot of bogus contests on the Internet.  Sometimes, they are very restrictive as to who can enter.  You really have to read the rules closely.

After all my research, I feel a lot more comfortable that the competition is okay.  I also got a message from a friend in Canada the other day, who told me that she was able to vote for me more than once.  I was a bit surprised, but not too worried.  There is nothing in the rules and regulations about multiple voting.  I tried it, and sure enough, I was able to vote more than once!  However, what a long process!  Back and forth between my profile and the front page, just to register another vote.  Then I discovered that she and I were not the only people helping me with the votes!

My friend was a bit worried about this.  Apparently, in the correspondence between him and the promoters, multiple voting was not allowed.  Today, this option was blocked.  I could only vote one time for myself (or anyone else for that matter).  A message came up stating that multiple voting was not permitted to allow everyone a fair chance.  Okay, fair enough, and I agree.

One thing that did catch my eye though, and although it doesn’t affect me or my category, I did notice that someone else had registered for GERMAN BLOGGER, and within less than 24 hours, had racked up over 11,000 votes!  Figure it out…  11,000 votes in say, 24 hours, is a bit over 456 votes PER HOUR or 7 votes per minute or 1 vote every 9 seconds!  Anyone who has that kind of time available where they could go back and forth for 24 straight hours, has great stamina, a mechanical finger, or some other device that is helping.

I was trying to figure out, based on my ability to register votes, and I was only able to do about 50 per hour.  I guess my Internet speed is very slow, or I’m just not as nimble as this person!  Then again, after two days, I was only up to about 1500 votes, and that was with others voting multiple times.  Anyway, I was surprised, but not worried, as this person’s application was for another category, that a) I had not applied for, and b) I couldn’t apply for anyway, since I don’t know German.  But I do wonder about the other competitors in the GERMAN BLOGGER category.  What they must be feeling seeing someone blow past them with an incredible number of votes in such a short period of time.

Now, I must reiterate, that there is nothing in the rules and regulations regarding multiple voting.  I’ve searched through all the information I can find, and there is nothing about how one gets the votes.  So, I suppose, if someone was to set up a program or have some device that would do the voting for them, well, let’s just say, I hope that isn’t the case for my category!  Hahah…

I did notice though, that the ability to vote numerous times had been suspended.  When I tried to vote for myself (of course), I noticed that a message appeared to the effect that in all fairness, one could only vote one time for each applicant.  Okay.  And, I did notice as well, that this other person’s increase in votes has slowed DRAMATICALLY!

So, I decided this was now the time to look over my competition.  I looked over the other 9 people in my category.  Only one other person had their own video.  The others used the standard video provided by the promoters.  Okay, well, again, there is nothing that says you MUST upload a video, but I decided to do so, as did one other person.  Looking over some of the other category contenders, it appeared that not a lot of people uploaded videos.  Even those who had applied for the VIDEO BLOGGER category hadn’t uploaded videos.  Strange.

The next thing I looked at, was their written profiles.  It did seem that a few people were looking at this as a farce or a fake competition.  One person stated something like, “… I want to win because I need a job…”  Okay!  Even if this is a fake, why bother going through all the work in creating a profile, obtaining votes, if you don’t believe in the competition?  And, just on the odd chance it is a REAL competition, why would you give a statement like this?  And further, why would anyone vote for someone who gave this kind of an introduction to themselves?

Granted, many people did write introductions.  Personally, I think it gives the voters a chance to see who you are and decide whether or not you are worthy of their vote!  Nonetheless…

Basically, the promoters comments back to my friend were that, a) multiple voting was not permitted.  If they disqualify people on that basis, then I think, many will loose out.  That would be unfortunate for those that are truly competing, and as there was no rule against this, then they shouldn’t be penalized because the system allowed for multiple voting;  b) videos are not necessary.  Fair enough, but I feel that, the video allows the voters and the promoters to get to know the person applying for the competition.  I understand that some people just don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera.  The category they are applying for, may not require video experience, so there really is no need to show yourself on video;  c) the criteria used to choose the final person is not contingent on only numbers of votes.  The promoters will review the top ten vote obtainers, look over their videos (if applicable), look over their introductions, and perhaps complete telephone interviews.

So, I feel a lot more comfortable about this contest.  I’m not worried about others in the other categories.  I feel that I’ve done as much as I can to prove that I could be a great choice for ENGLISH BLOGGER.

Keep voting folks!  You can only vote one time for me now, so I encourage you to take a couple minutes of your day, and cast your vote for me!


That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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