May 2, 2012

I guess in a way, I have a somewhat addictive nature.  I can’t stop at just one cup of coffee – it has to be three or four.  I can’t go and buy just one SNICKERS bar, it has to be one of each kind.  I can’t just apply for a contest, and then not see it through.  Okay, perhaps addictive is not the right term… how about compulsive?  intense?  obsessive?

This contest regarding the trip to France to be an ENGLISH BLOGGER to follow a diver, Sebastien Murat, attempting to set a world deep-sea dive record of 703ft in June, has become a great focal point in my life right now.  Oh yeah, it’s only been about 4 or 5 days, but what a RUSH!

I’ve been hesitant up to now, NOT to look at the other applicants on the site (  I didn’t want to give them any votes.  Not because I don’t like them, because quite frankly, I have no idea who they are.  I look at these other applicants in the same light as they look at me – competitors in a contest.  Even if my brother or sister were applying, I’d still try to outdo them, as much as they would try to outdo me!

Having read the rules and regulations much closer now, I understand how the process will be accomplished.  There are eight categories, 10 people will be the ‘chosen’ from each category, and from those 10 people, one will be the winner.  In the case of ENGLISH BLOGGER, at last look there were something like 38 applicants.  On May 20, the top 10 voted will be the ‘chosen’, and from those 10, one.  I am at present, in position number 6.

As long as for the next 17 or 18 days I can remain in the top 10, I think I will have a decent chance at obtaining the winner status.  I have approximately 1500+ votes, and the number 10 person has about 500+.  I’m still trying to get all my friends, co-workers, and in some cases, students to vote for me!  Why not.

I did notice something a little strange though.  Even though it is not for the category for which I am applying, it still seems a little suspicious.

I remember watching a program a few years ago on T.V., talking about the average human life.  They covered all sorts of things such as how much toilet paper the average person would use in a lifetime, how many ‘vehicles’ each of us on average will own, how much water (in all its various forms) we will consume in a lifetime, and how many people we will know.

Granted, when it comes to these stats, it is an average.  Some people consume more, some less.  Some people, due to their celebrity status or political situation, will obviously know more people than someone who is born, raised, grows up, and dies in some ‘putt-putt’ town in the prairies.  However, averages – the average human being, in their lifetime, will know about 1000 people.  The people will include everyone from the nurse that helped your mom when you were born, to the garbage man that picks up the trash whom you’ve seen maybe once or twice, to your life partner, children, friends…

To some people, I suppose, 1000 seems like a lot.  As for myself, living and teaching in Taiwan, each year on average over 10 years, I’ve taught 300 students.  I’ve known an average of 10 teachers/managers, and this doesn’t include everyone I’ve known in four populated areas of Canada.  I figure I’m well over the 3000 or 4000 mark by now.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that I know all these people personally.  Like the clerk at 7-11, or the mailman, or the doctor at the hospital the last time I was there, yes, they have entered into my life, but are far from being my friends.

When it comes to something like this blog or Facebook, yes, I do have a lot of friends as well.  However, as in the case for Facebook, many of these ‘friends’ play the same games as I do.  We trade items, send health points, but other than that, we are nothing more than cyber friends.

The point being in this competition to France, there is one person who has applied for the position of German Blogger.  Now, who am I to judge.  It doesn’t appear that he is German by looking at his photo.  His name is also not typically German.  But in less than 24 hours, he has racked up over 11,000 votes!  I’ve been hounding my friends on Facebook and at my school to vote, and in 4 days, have a little over 1500 votes!  How could anyone get 11,000 votes in 24 hours??

Again, what am I worried about?  I’m not.  I didn’t apply for the German Blogger position, so I could really care less.  I feel sorry for those people who genuinely have applied for the position, and are being voted out because someone is using some kind of program or virus or something to gain so many votes in such a short period of time.

More to follow in the next few days and weeks.


That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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  1. high five and raspberries

    Re : German blogger. If it looks fishy and it smells fishy it is probably fishy. Been voting as often as I can but at some point life gets in the way..we have got to send you to France so you can learn to Parler Francais!

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