May 1, 2012

Tuesday, and another day of voting!

I was a bit surprised when I got up this morning to see my number of votes had almost doubled overnight!  All I can say, is thanks to everyone, especially those in Canada.  You see, when I’m sleeping here in Taiwan, everyone I know in Canada is awake.

I’ve refrained from looking at anyone else’s profiles for the contest.  I don’t want to jinx myself.  I have taken the liberty of printing out little pieces of paper with the web address to pass out to people around here.  Hahaha.  Hey, in order to get promoted, one must start the promotion!  I’m not sure how many times each person can vote, but, you won’t know until you do.

I was also doing a little Internet research.  I wanted to know who this “SEBASTIEN MURAT” is, and whether the whole contest it legit or not.  There is no cost to enter this competition, but the more excited I get about it, the more I can pass on that enthusiasm.  I just have to remember to let my school’s know that there is a ‘possibility’ of me leaving for 2 weeks to the south of France – in about one month!

I found this article on the Internet about Sebastien.  It was written in 2004.  It doesn’t say anything, but it seems that this was his last attempt at the deep-sea dive.

And lo and beheld, there was another link to another article – this one about the dive this year.

I think this will be quite a learning experience for me.  Perhaps once or twice over my life I’ve seen or read something about deep-sea diving.  Normally, some type of scuba gear is worn, or the divers are actually in subs…  this is without any of that type equipment.  The diver is attached to a weight (of sorts), and begins the descent.  At a certain point, the weight is released, and the diver surfaces.

I’m not sure what kind of pressure or force is placed on one’s body at 700ft below sea level.  I’m sure I could find out, or ask the guys at MYTHBUSTERS, but I’m sure it’s not little.  Nonetheless, if I am the chosen ENGLISH BLOGGER, not only will I learn something, and do a lot more research on the subject as well as the diver, but I will definitely be sharing it on my blog.

The only other thing, besides the normal routine, is the story-telling competition.  At present, there is nothing happening on this front.  It kind of dawned on me why I haven’t heard any of the students requesting help.  I am one of the judges for the school final competition on May 11.  That evening, all the competitors in the four categories, will compete, and one in each category will represent out school at the Regional competition in July.

For the Kindergarten level, reading “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” are:  Heifetz, Jeremy, and Elva.




For Level I, reading “The Lonely Giraffe” are:  Vanessa, Yuki, and Nadia.




For Level II, reading “The Goldentop Fairies” are:  Johnny, Charles, and Jonas.




For Level III, reading “The Three Billy Goats Gruff – The Other Side of the Story” are:  May, Gary, and Marcus.




We also have a Level IV student competing this year, and since there are no contenders, the student represent us, reading “Me, Myself, and I” is May.


Good luck to you all, and I look forward to hearing you on May 11!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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