April 17, 2012

I went to pick up Cornelia today.

When I was speaking with the vet last night, she told me that Cornelia wasn’t eating properly – actually, not at all!  Figures.  She is a rather fussy eater.

The first thing about this creature, is that she will not eat dry food.  I keep dry food available for the cats all day.  Cats, unlike dogs, only eat when they are hungry.  Dogs will eat anytime, eat ALL the food, and if too much, throw up, and then eat that!  I know, gross!  Cats in that sense, are a little more civilized than dogs.

Cornelia however, will not eat dry food.  Oh, she has on occasion filled her little tummy with dry kibble.  Not chewing, just swallowing the bits.  Then, find a place somewhere near me, and as if to say, “Hey, I’m hungry!”, throw up the dry kibble from her stomach onto the floor.  Each kibble has not been cracked or munched in the slightest.  Just a pile of kibble bits and a bit of saliva.  Yuck!

It took me a long time to find a canned food that she would eat.  The brand is CATUNA.  CATUNA has about 10 or 12 different flavours as well.  As with most cat foods in Taiwan that I have seen, they are all some kind of seafood.  At least in Canada, they recognize, if not for the cats, then the owners, that to vary one’s diet is a good thing.  Every canned food I have seen for cats is either TUNA, or TUNA and something.  Oh, WHISKAS has a whitefish and ‘seafood’ blend, but for the most part, they all contain TUNA.

Now, I love tuna.  I always have.  But the ‘tuna’ that is put into these tins for cats is not at all desirable – at least, not to me!  Over the years, friends of mine who have had the pleasure of being around when I feed the cats, seem to really enjoy the scent of cat food.  Back in Canada, I NEVER bought any kind of seafood food, either canned or dry, for my cats.  There were enough other flavours that  Mhoram and Xyvius and previous cats had a varied diet of foods.

I know.  Talking about cat food is not an interesting topic.

Back to Cornelia.  I go to pick her up, but since she’s still not eating, I took in a can of the food that I know she likes.  I put some in the dish, held her in my arms, but she just kept turning her nose up at it.  I put her and the food back in the cage, hoping that maybe, ignoring her for a bit, will get her to eat.

I guess the intravenous the vet has given her, kind of takes away her appetite.  The vet suggested leaving her there for the day and picking her up later.  After paying the bill and taking a couple of photos, off I went.

Fast forward to 8:30pm.  I had just finished my classes, and went to pick up Cornelia.  She still had not eaten all day, but she didn’t seem to be any worse.  In fact, she looked like she knew she was going home.  Meowing (talking), looking everywhere, and purring like mad.  The vet took out the intravenous, and I must admit, I was more nervous about it than Cornelia was!  I hate needles.  Always have.  Just seeing the needle in her little arm, and her not worrying about it… well, even though she is a cat, and not making a fuss, humbled me.

I still had some work to finish up at Giraffe, so I returned to school.  Cornelia, in her carrier, was making a LOT of noise.  Every stop light, I could hear her meowing.  Even other people were looking at her.  Normally, her meowing is kind of high-pitched.  She sounds more like a kitten rather than a big cat like herself.  As we drove on, her meowing became deeper and more ‘growly’!

I took her into Giraffe, and almost immediately, she began meowing again – and LOUDER!  I had phone calls to make, Janice was tutoring a student, other students were going over to Cornelia, and she wouldn’t be quiet.  Finally, Janice went over, and turned the carrier around so Cornelia couldn’t see anything but a wall.  Believe me, I was not upset.  I’m surprised that I hadn’t thought of it before.  Nonetheless, she quieted down until I left around 10pm.

Once we got home, I decided that she should be away from the other cats for a while.  Give her a chance to relax and calm down.  I had my dinner, completed my lesson planning, and after listening to her meow for almost 2 hours, decided it was time for bed.

I also figured, she may as well join the others.  All the tests the vet did showed that she had no contagious problems, and aside from a bit of a breathing problem – which, by the way, seemed a lot better – joining the others should not pose a problem.  However, she will be separated from them during the day, for the next couple of days, just so I can keep an eye on her and let her recover.

Just like a long lost friend, the others all came over and greeted her.  Cornelia seemed a lot happier and actually seemed to calm down.  The others had already had their dinner, but I put out another can for them to eat.  Unfortunately, Cornelia still didn’t seem to be hungry.  Oh well, when she gets hungry, she’ll eat.  It’s going to be a busy week, so there won’t be any blog entries.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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