April 15, 2012

No news, is good news.

After speaking with the vet yesterday, it seemed that Cornelia was doing okay – as long as she was in the oxygen cage. Apparently, once she is taken out, shortly after she begins the heavy breathing again. I wish I could have a sense of humour about this and say is she is becoming addicted to pure oxygen. I would speculate however, that the air inside this cage is a hell of a lot more cleaner and healthier for her than the air we breathe in Taiwan!

This being Sunday, there are a few businesses that do close, and the vet is one such business.  They are not open for regular business, however there is someone there to take care of the animals in their care.  So, instead of worrying and wondering, it is better to put my time to good use and continue working on the painting.

As I have shown in previous blogs, and posted on Facebook, I completed a few Henri Matisse reproductions.  Granted, these are obviously not the originals, and do lack some exact reproduction.  However, they were not meant to be perfect reproductions, but more as artwork on somewhat barren walls.

The other room, the living room, is now being painted.  Through discussion and a lot of options, I finally decided to reproduce a couple of Picasso’s.  Again, these reproductions will be reproduced as near as I’m able to do, but they won’t be exact.  The first is one from Picasso’s Spanish series.



I have taken the liberty of eliminating the sword in the matador’s hand.  As much as I like the simplicity of the painting, I don’t want it to appear that I am in favour of or support bull-fighting.  I realize that it is a sport enjoyed by many, however, by eliminating the sword, it doesn’t loose much in the reproduction.  And, it seems to be a little more humane.

The second print I’ll be reproducing will be a little more challenging.  During these few months of painting, I have acquired a few cans of paint.  Not all the paint has been used.  I choose one of Picasso’s more colourful paintings. It again, like the others I’ve chosen, is somewhat simple in nature, but not as simple to recreate.


The colours and textures of my reproduction may be a bit different from the original, but then again, I don’t have the exact paints nor the skills of Picasso.

This particular reproduction will be fairly large – spanning from ceiling to floor.  The plan is to print out the painting in black and white, and to the size required for the wall area.  Even though North Americans and Asians use different paper sizes, it will not diminish the realization of how large this undertaking is.

Printed out and taped together, there are a total of 72 sheets of standard paper.  Once the sheets are together, then each ‘section’ of the print is cut out, and traced on the wall.  Once all the pieces have been traced, then the painting begins.



Using a 1-page coloured printout, it is just a matter of painting in the various colours.  As I mentioned above, the colours I will be using will be the same colours used in other areas of the apartment.  There is no sense in trying to match exact colours.  Once completed, the various stages, having been photographed, will be posted on Facebook.

All this work on the apartment was started in November, and here we are, five months later.  It still looks like I haven’t really moved in yet!  There are still boxes packed and stored away.  My environment is usable for my purposes, but definitely not a place I would invite visitors!  I sometimes wonder what the cats must be thinking.

It doesn’t really seem to be bothering them.  They have many places to run around and play and hide and scare each other.  I suppose they look at it as an ever-changing playground.  Furniture is moved around as the painting is being done.

There is one other task that I am undertaking as well.  Not that I need anything else to do, but I find it a better use of my limited free time.  I have about 4 or 5 ‘projects’ on the go, as well as my daily and weekly routine things to do.  Aside from lesson planning, laundry, etc., there is the painting, designing, idea search (for future projects), and one that I think is rather fun.

I have created another lamp.  This one is not a floor lamp, but rather it will serve as a table lamp in the living room.  I have about 20 strips of thin bamboo.  With a bit of brain-storming with Gary, he suggested using embroidery hoops to keep the pieces of bamboo in place.  With a bit of looking around, I was able to find the hoops.  And with a bit of cursing, was able to design an interesting framework for a new lamp.



From this photo, it doesn’t look that interesting, but I’m sure, like the other items I’ve done around the apartment, it will be a) unique and b) interesting once completed.  The plan is to paint the frame black, and weave green and white crepe paper.  Then install two lights – one on top and one on the bottom.  Both lights will be connected, and therefore, very low wattage bulbs will be used.  It is not intended to be an illuminating lamp, but rather, another piece of ‘art’.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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