April 12, 2012

There are other television series that I miss as well.  Take another program like, “Golden Girls”.  Okay, so this program may not have all the innovative futuristic ideas of “Star Trek”, but it does present other ideas to us as viewers.

Where some sitcoms are pertinent to life as we know it or accept it, “Golden Girls” gave us a new perspective on life.  For those who have never seen the show, it deals with the day-t0-day life of four elderly women living together.  The four women are in their later years of life.  They are not young, thus the term, “Golden”.  In western culture, when we refer to the “Golden” years, these are the years after 50, whether it be age or anniversary.
In my opinion, this program for now, is timeless.  No longer is it necessary to live alone when our partner has passed on.  No longer is it accepted that once a person reaches the age of 50 or 60, that they are OLD.  These ladies show us that we can still be productive members of society, no matter how old we get.  Age is, again my opinion, a state of mind.  If you have the notion that a person who is 50 is gray-haired, sitting in a wheelchair, using a walker… change those attitudes!  Not everyone retires at age 65 anymore.  As a point to consider, Canada is introducing a bill into law that would actually raise the retirement age to 67!  When I look at people like my parents who are pushing 70, or Gary’s parents in their 80’s, and looking back at how quickly my last 20 or so years has elapsed, I honestly can’t see that when I get to age 67, I will be retired either.
Granted, “Golden Girls” may be unrealistic in some ways.  Then again, that opinion is based on my own preconceptions. I sometimes wonder if, when I’m in my late 50’s or 60’s, will I be in a similar situation?  Yes, over my life, I have lived with others.  I have lived on my own for so long, is it possible that I will be able to live on my own when I am, by law, required to retire?  As I get older, it may become necessary to have someone to share my living space, for the mere fact that I will be unable to care for myself or do things on my own.  Necessity may dictate that I will require a ‘roommate’.
Another program that not only is funny, but I find rather interesting, is “Third Rock From the Sun”.  Many years ago, there was the idea that aliens were visiting Earth from other planets.  There have even been numerous movies and shows over the years depicting this idea.  Again, to assume that we are the only living creatures in the universe, is ridiculous.  If I can accept that we are able to travel outside our known bit of space to visit the moon and Mars, then why wouldn’t it be possible for other ‘aliens’ to be able to visit us?
This program depicts the idea that beings from another planet have come to Earth to study us.  They try to mimic our ways of life, and try to integrate themselves into our society.  This is a comedy program, but trying to put myself in the situation of being a neighbour, friend, or coworker of these people, it is easy to realize and accept that there are some – interesting – people inhabiting our world.  Perhaps ‘aliens’ have been among us for a lot longer than we want to realize!
The fact that, my living in Taiwan, I too, am considered an alien.  This is not my culture.  This is not my home.  I have tried over my years to not only accept, but to understand the ways of life of the Taiwanese people.  Trying to understand the holidays, the traditions, is as alien to me as I am to them.  In some small way, I am the “Dick Solomon” here.
The Internet has helped me to keep in touch with my roots.  It has allowed me to keep up with the types of programs I enjoy watching.  The other thing is, the programs I get to watch are all commercial-free!  I may not (at present) be able to see the programs as they are transmitted live, but I can see the program without a break to watch inane commercials and advertisements.  However, it has made my bathroom breaks or getting a refill on my coffee a lot quicker so as not to miss anything!
That’s it, that’s all… for now!

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