April 10, 2012

Well, the days are certainly getting warmer.

When I see and read the pictures and news coming from my friends and the news services, I see that Canada is still going through weird weather.  My friend Gary, who lives in Nova Scotia, had uploaded a couple of videos to Facebook of the winter snows they were getting.  A few days later, he told me it was raining, and the weather was finally warming up.

Then I read news about Vancouver having one of the largest snow falls in years, and Winnipeg (?) having the warmest winter day on record!  A couple days later, the snow is back with all its vengeance in Nova Scotia and Vancouver is back to its mild spring-like winter days.

In Tainan, the weather hasn’t been quite as crazy, but I suppose for Taiwanese people, it’s been hell.

When my students are studying seasons, it’s hard for them to grasp the concept that winter means snow.  I suppose, for young kids in Australia, they would have the same ideas.  Winter – snow?  Summer – hot?  For me, and even after living in Taiwan for so many years, I don’t think I’m quite acclimated fully to the weather here.  Sure, I have no problem adjusting to warm winter days and cold nights.  There is no snow after all!  And those scorching summer days when everything LOOKS LIKE it’s melting…

Our bodies do get used to the weather where we are living.  When I first arrived in Taiwan in August of 2002, it was crazy getting used to the warmer weather.  In January and February, I was still sweating and wearing shorts and T-shirts.  My fellow co-workers thought I was nuts.  I was still using the air conditioner at night.  To me, it was still way to hot.  For 40 years I had been used to winter nights being in the sub-zero temperature, with the furnace running.  Wearing big parkas, hats, boots, gloves… you get the idea.

Now, I find that in the ‘dead’ of winter, I’m wearing jeans and socks, and perhaps on the odd occasion, a long-sleeved shirt.  I have a light windbreaker I wear when riding the scooter – just to keep the cold air from hitting too much.  Otherwise, to me, winter feels more like a spring or fall day.

I have noticed that the past couple of months have been up and down as far as the temperature.  As I don’t have the air conditioners installed yet, due in part to the fact that I’m still painting and renovating, I have to deal with a fan running at night when I find it too warm.  Since about the middle of March, the fan has been running every night.  The days are warming up.  The nights are getting warmer.  I need those air conditioners!

This is my motivation to get the renovations done as quickly as possible.  When I look around at the apartment and see what has already been accomplished, and what still needs to be done, I curse myself that it is not completed yet.  I only have so many hours a day.  Maybe I should take a week off and get this stuff done!  Nah…  I’ll deal with the weather and fans at night – for now.

About the only time of the year that I feel a little out of place with, is winter, or more precisely, Christmas.  Since Taiwan rarely gets snow, and when it does, it’s only a sprinkling on Jade Mountain (the highest point in Taiwan).  I’ve never been there after a snowfall.  I could really care less to see snow anymore.  I’ve seen enough of the stuff over my life to last me to my 200th birthday, if the local population wants to deal with traffic and hordes of people gawking at the white crap, be my guest!

However, I must admit that the only time I really would like to see snow, would be December 24 and 25.  To me, Christmas is not Christmas without snow.  Then again, Christmas is not Christmas when I have five classes to teach on December 25!

So, here we are at the beginning of April.  The days are getting longer and warmer, the nights are shorter and warmer.  The mosquitoes are out in force.  The sun is out, the sky is a shade of steel blue (not the sky blue we see in Canada!), the birds are chirping, and the wind is practically non-existent.  Summer is here again… at least in Taiwan!

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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