March 30, 2012

End of the month already.  Well, almost…


As I stated in my ‘About’ pages, this is my blog.  As with anyone who has their own blog, which, as I have been discovering, is a LOT of people, it is their site to air their own comments, feelings, opinions… whatever they want to share or say.  Anyone reading said blogs, can comment – either agree or disagree – but don’t expect that the blog writer will change.  They may use your comments to follow up on something, or as with me, just approve the comment.  The comment is the readers’ points of view in response to the blog.

I have chosen to not to respond to comments, unless they really do require a response.  Up to now, I don’t believe that I have responded to any comments.  If I have, it has been at a personal level to the person involved.  However, I decided to response to comments from a particular date.

Anyone reading this blog, will note that after having started this blog a couple of years ago, I stopped writing in March 2011.  This year, on my birthday, I decided it was time to start back again. It kind of gives me an outlet to say what I want to say.  Again, whether you agree, disagree, find it interesting or boring, is your perspective.  However, due to the unprecedented number of comments from my March 13, 2012 entry, I felt a comment was warranted.

When I started using this blogsite (, it was on recommendation from my parents.  At the time, they both had their own blogs going.  Actually, mom had two or three and dad had a couple as well.  There is nothing wrong with having several blogs, but personally, I find it a bit time-consuming.  Having one blog is enough.  Then again, my blog entries are generally a lot more ‘wordy’ than theirs are.  I try to write at least 1000 words per entry.

As with most new programs or websites, it takes the user a bit of time ‘get the hang of it’.  Could be hours, could be days.  For me, it was days.  I wanted to see what kinds of options were available, how I could make the blogsite more ‘attractive’…  I discovered there were ‘things’ called ‘widgets’.  These ‘widgets’ included items such as keeping a running total of visitors, allowing users to sign up for e-mail notification of new entries, a place to enter other blogs that “I” follow, and other interesting things.  Not everything was necessary, but I did choose a few.

One of these ‘widgets’ was something called “AKISMET”.  From what I understood at the time, and still understand I suppose, is that AKISMET will stop comments being received that appear to originate from spam sites.  Anyone at this point who doesn’t know what ‘spam’ is, well, you just aren’t keeping up with the internet.  Or you don’t have e-mail!

When a comment is received, whether it be from spam or not, I must either approve or delete the message.  Most times, I approve the comments.  I feel that other readers may be interested in what another reader has said.  As long as the comment is not a PERSONAL attack on me, then the comment is approved.  No changes, no reply.  Again, your say is your say.

However, again back to March 13, I noticed that more and more comments are being received.  In fact, today alone, I have received over 50 (YES) comments in response to March 13.  Now, I looked over the entry again.  I couldn’t figure out why so many people are responding.  It was only about starting back up writing again, and the fact that I had turned 50.  In my opinion, nothing really special.  Other than perhaps someone wanting to send me best wishes on my birthday or writing again, I can’t figure out why so many comments coming in for that particular date.

As almost all the comments received were directed into my spam folder, I automatically deleted them.  Today though, with so many, I decided to have a look.

When a comment is received, I can see who the user was who sent it.  Well, at least their internet or e-mail name.  Then, it shows the ‘website’ associated with this user – if any, as well as the ping address and the comment.  For me, it will also display two options:  Approve or Delete Permanently.

When I place my cursor over the ‘website’ associated with the user, in 99% of these comments, nothing happens.  It appears that the system is trying to locate the website and display the page for me.  On the odd occasion, it does show a thumbnail of the website.  If it shows a website, then I will approve the message.  If not, then the message is deleted.

For those asking whether others get a blank page, options not available to them, or some other extraneous request, all I can say is, you are either a spam site or a spam user.  AKISMET is doing its job for me.

I have logged off my blog and entered it as if I was just a viewer like anyone else.  I have yet to find any problems with my site.  For me, all the messages appear fine, the look of the site is what I expect it to look like, and, since I am receiving over a 100 viewers a day from all over the world, then I would say there is something wrong at your end.

Sign on with your own e-mail address, or from a proper website, and that should solve your problem.  Perhaps, if after all this you still have problems, perhaps you have your firewall settings too high.

I can’t convince you that my site is virus-free.  I can’t convince you that my site is spam-free.  However, as best as I can, I have protected this site from spam and viruses with the tools available to me, as well as protecting my computer.  I may not be the most adept computer user in the world, but I’m not stupid either.  I know there are a lot of people on this planet, who have nothing better to do all day, then find ways to bring down computers.  Either by planting viruses in downloads or on websites.  Personally, I don’t see the fun of doing something like that, especially when I want people to read and visit my site.  It would be insane to try to hurt the people I’m trying to attract.

So… if you are having problems, all I can suggest, is look over your end.  From my end, everything is running just as I hoped it would.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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