March 28, 2012

As always, my morning ritual upon waking:  visit Mother Nature, feed the kids, make the coffee, and have a look at the top stories on

Most people read a newspaper, but since most newspapers in this country are in Chinese, I’d rather see what’s online.  So, let’s see what today’s top stories are, or more precisely, the articles I read this morning.


How, just a simple change in diet, could help one lose weight and body fat.  Ho hum.


An article about the new $50 Canadian polymer bill, describing changes to the new design.  Okay, as a person interested in numismatics, and in particular, Canadian currency, this was of particular interest to me.


An article about a videotape or more precisely, an ad, running in Turkey, using Adolf Hitler.  I’m sorry, but this didn’t even deserve my watching the video.  The article does state that the video has gone viral, but I don’t think it needs any more people watching it.  Enough said.


An article about what Lady Gaga looks like without makeup.  Who cares?


News about a baby born in Vancouver.  Her parents were visiting from Australia, and baby was born early.  As Australia and Canada do not have reciprocal agreements concerning healthcare, the bill for the birth is the parent’s responsibility.


Um, ick!  Okay, healthy or not, how many other bodily ‘things’ do we consume?  Oh, and, ICK!


An article about a possible cure for Diabetes.  As there are several people in my life who live with Diabetes, this might be an interesting article to read and video to watch.


BMW is recalling over a million cars worldwide because of a problem?  What about all that wonderful German engineering that has put Germany at the top of the world when it comes to building quality cars?  I guess everyone screws up once in a while.


Poor guy.  Taking a pay cut of over $2,000,000!  Okay, in terms of percentage, that’s a 67% cut in pay, and if you think about your own salary, that would be devastating.  Unfortunately, I can’t really feel sorry for someone who makes more in 1 year than I made over the past how many years??


Enough said here.

Sometimes the articles are interesting.  Other times, well, boring.  Reading the top stories posted on is a lot different than the top stories in a newspaper.

It also takes up less space, costs less, and no recyclable trash is involved.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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