March 14, 2012

Day 2 and All’s Well


Well, here I am, 8:30 in the morning, writing a new post.  Oh yeah, and like the feeling you have on January 2 or December 26, the big day is over.

The first thing I want to say is THANK YOU to all my friends and family wishing me a 50th birthday.  About this same time yesterday, I was thinking it would be fun to have 50 well-wishers on my 50th.  At last look on Facebook, well over 100 have sent their best wishes.  I also want to say thanks to everyone who made their wishes in person.

So, here I go trying to figure out what to write about before the caffeine has kicked in.  I suppose I could begin by telling you about a new addition to my family.  Yes, I am talking about another kitten!

About a week ago, a friend of mine told me that a neighbour had found some kittens.  He sent me a picture of the three little babies in a box.  I was asked if I would consider adopting them.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a pushover for cats.  I love cats.  I always have.  In previous posts, I’ve mentioned some of the reasons for my admiration of felines.  I think it comes down to a couple of reasons.  Now, some of these reasons may be a bit ‘off the wall’, but, so am I at times.

Being born in March, I am a Pisces.  We all know that cats love fish.  Personally, I am partial to fish of any kind.  Perhaps that’s why I don’t really like eating fish – because I’m one!  It’s like being a cannibal!  Haha.  The year I was born, was the Year of the Tiger.  Another cat.  So, perhaps the feline population looks at me as some kind of leader.  Another big HAHAHA!

I think my overall reason is that they are independent to a point.  Yes, they are still dependent on me to feed them, give them water (well, they still the toilet though), clean their litter box, but I think the outstanding quality is their unconditional love.

I’ve noticed over the many years of being a cat person, cats have their own personalities.  Their own wants and needs, times they want to play, times they want to be left alone, times they want to curl up beside me, and times to nub noses.

If you go back on my posts, in June of 2011, one of my cats, Simba, through the night had tumbled down a set of stairs to his ultimate demise.  It was a very sad day for me, but accidents happen.  It was unfortunate, but what’s done is done.  Before moving to Taiwan, Mhoram had to be put down.  He was a grand old age of 19.  A pretty hefty age for a cat.  Anyway, back to the new addition.

By the time all the messages were sent back and forth, there was only one kitten left.  The others had already been adopted.  For a country that, for the most part, doesn’t appreciate felines as much as they idolize canines, I was actually surprised that the other two had been adopted so quickly.

So, I ended up with [thankfully] one kitten.  I would have, without hesitation, adopted all three, but was glad that there was only one.  After a day, I finally came up with a rather cool name – Qadan.

I accept cats in my family, much as children are accepted.  They become a part of me.  They are individuals and therefore, need individual and unique names.  Over the years, my cats have been (and are) named:  Mhoram, Xyvius, Gabriel van Helsing, Eloise, Simba, Cornelia, Arabella, Ignatius, and now Qadan.  For my friends here in Taiwan, some of these names are rather difficult to pronounce and remember.  However, I think these names are better than Sam or ‘Little Grey’ (translated).

So this is Qadan. She’s slowly being accepted into the family. Ignatius seems to be the only one who isn’t too upset. He does look at her like she’s a used tissue, but at least he doesn’t swat at her or growl.

The other four are taking their time accepting her. Perhaps because Qadan is so young, full of fizz and vinegar, always wanting to play, and generally just so small – I’m not sure. Qadan doesn’t seem to be too upset at their swats and growls though. She just finds someone else to try to play with, or something else to do. For the first few days, I kept her away from the others, just to make sure she was able to ‘hold her own’ and to basically get used to me.

Now that she’s past that ‘bonding’ stage with me, she has to get used to the others.  It’s interesting having another cat in the house.  She’s good at sleeping through the nights now, but still wakes up at the crack of dawn.  Just as I was starting to enjoy sleeping in until 7am, I am now awake at about 5:30am!  She has a thing with my feet.  Oh well.  I should enjoy these times.  It won’t be long before she will join the ranks of the others, and sleep for the average 18 hours.

And besides, it is nice to have six cats snuggled against me as I drift off to sleep and wake up in the morning.  Makes me feel kind of safe.

That’s it, that’s all… for now.


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