March 19, 2011 has an interesting question: “Have you ever had a recurring dream?”

A dream? Hell, ya! Recurring, no! Unless, of course, they are talking about dreams you have during the sleeping hours.

I know that we all dream while we are asleep. At least that’s what our medical and scientific communities tell us. Dreaming is a natural part of sleeping. Dreaming is a natural part of being alive. Anyone who has ever had or has a dog or cat, can attest to the fact they dream. How many times I’ve seen my cats twitch, and stretch, and meow while they are silently sleeping. It’s actually quite funny to see. I often wonder exactly what they are dreaming about.

Gabriel likes to chase butterflies. Does he dream about catching them? Eloise likes to get into tiffs with Arabela. Does she dream of being the “Princess of Power” of all cats?

Trying to remember my dreams is oftentimes, an effort in futility. Once in a blue moon, I can remember a portion of my dream after waking up. However, by the time I’ve gone to the bathroom and fed the cats, the thoughts of my dreams are gone. More often than not, I wake up having never really felt like I even slept!

Whether I get 5 hours of sleep or 10 hours of sleep, I always wake up feeling like a) I just fell asleep, and b) tired until I smell the coffee. Let me tell you, coffee is a wonderful way to wake up!

I read somewhere that cats sleep approximately 18 hours a day! I can’t even imagine sleeping for that long. Talk about a dream! I can’t imagine sleeping that amount of time away! Personally, even though I know that our bodies need time to regenerate and sleeping is that necessity, sleeping is a waste of time!

When I think about the mornings that I get up at around 5:00 or 6:00 am each morning, and the amount of work I get done until around 7:30, I often wonder how much more work I could accomplish if I could stay awake all the time.

I have, several times over my life, gone for periods of up to two days of not getting any sleep due to work, or in the case of school one year, a band marathon where we were raising money and played music for 48 hours.

However, back to dreaming. A few times over the years, I have had dreams where I do remember. There was a period of time, for about 3 or 4 months, where all the dreams I could remember, were about houses. I was told that houses represent you, yourself. The differences in the houses were representative of the changes that I was going through. As with any dream, the symbols in your dreams are exactly that – symbols. You have to adjust your thinking, and see beyond the literal image.

My mother once told me about when I was younger, and how I used to get up in the middle of the night and sleepwalk. My brother apparently did the same thing. I forget whether it was me or my brother, all my mom had to say was, “Don’t worry, we’ll fix it in the morning,” and that would be enough to send us back to bed and continue sleeping. Obviously, remembering nothing the morning after!

I have had recurring daytime dreams, but then again, I think everyone has those. Dreaming about what we would do should we ever win the lottery. What life would be like if we had made a different decision several years earlier. What would life have been like if we had been born a year earlier, or a year later. What would be different if we had had different parents.

So, do I have recurring dreams? In all honesty, I’d have to say no. Do I dream? Logically, I’d have to say yes. Do I remember these dreams? No. Does it matter? I suppose not. I know the difference between reality and fiction, life and dreams. Even if I could remember the images and symbols in my dream, I don’t think that it would really make a difference in my day-to-day life.

Do I dream about the future? Definitely. Will those dreams become reality? In some cases, I truly hope so.

That’s it, that’s all… for now!


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  1. Lu

    Hehe, hi Bill. I often dream the same place, one of them was a school.
    that was not any school i had ever attended.
    It just appeared in my dream many times.

    I sleepwalked when i was a boy too, hehe.
    I woke up and asked my mum where would we travel to tomorrow?
    ( We have no any trip plan actually)

    My sister sleepwalked too.
    She went down stairs and knocked the door in the midnight,
    cried: i want to see the stars!i want to see the stars!

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